Joe Biden Gets Lost at UN Conference

Joe Biden spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. However, the most troubling portion of his day occurred immediately afterward. Biden was on stage at an event arranged by The Global Fund,which does work in the field of AIDS and other illnesses but things were off track. In this instance, quite literally.

A viral video shows Biden looking lost and confused, moving about the stage while his handlers try to calm him down. A third person is talking about how he would like to thank him for his presence, as the president appears to be confused about what's going on.

For certain, Biden has done this before. In all likelihood, this is the same person who was taken away from the Easter Bunny at the White House last Spring. According to me this is probably the most gruesome episode of all time. The character doesn't know where he is or where he's supposed to take him.

Although some might argue that this can happen to anyone, I'd say it is a stretch of credibility. Normal people don't wander about a stage, gazing in random directions when somebody else addresses them. Normal people do not need to be guided around by handlers. That's the way it appears when he makes a gesture, appearing to be asking where he is supposed to be. It's easy to get off the stage. The fact that Biden constantly makes it this difficult is a sign of his age.

It's time for the “fact-checkers” to claim that the man was actually “greeting” people, but nobody who watches the video with a reasonable mind could conclude this is what actually happened. He's lost and evidently confused. Being confused while someone else is speaking to him is making it more difficult as a visual exercise.

It's not just a few minutes of a brain-flood, either. He is able to move in various directions for a half-minute before the video comes to an end. Maybe he discovered his way back to the right direction after all this?

This kind of thing takes an extra importance during the time that Biden is in the middle of the world’s eye, and is a guest in the spotlight of national politics. Opposition members from those in the United States see this stuff and are not afraid of Biden. Actually, if the current Iran and Russian actions are an indication, they believe that they are able to take advantage of the president. There are real consequences of having President Biden who does not seem to be actually functioning as president. I hope that voters figure it out, if Biden is competent enough to be able to stand for re-election.

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