Tim Allen Triggers the Left

Comedian and actor Tim Allen has given us many good comedies through the years, from “Home Improvement” to “Last Man Standing.” Tim Allen has also been vocal regarding being a conservative, and isn't falling into the left-wing ethos of many in Hollywood. Tim Allen has also admitted to enjoying the fact that President Donald Trump got under the nerves of some people with certain things he's spoken about.

Allen is also a comedian with something that many comedians don't possess: the courage to be both hilarious and fearless while others are timid in the current political environment, fearful of the way they could be slammed in the event that they joke about Democrats or Joe Biden.

There's not a lot of tweets from him, however, when the time comes, he's made it count. This tweet was regarding Joe Biden and his embarrassing appearance on “60 Minutes.” It was not a great experience as it's been reported that the White House has already been trying to rewrite the things Biden spoke about, such as Taiwan and that the pandemic is over. Allen made the same comments on Biden's competence.

“Biden was on for 60 minutes. I think he inquired about when the show would end,” Allen joked. This is hilarious and is an old-fashioned political joke we used to hear often in comics but not as often anymore, regrettably. It's hilarious, but it's quite mild in terms of political jokes and isn't terribly offensive.

However, it does show the state of affairs we're in currently, where the left has flipped at something as minor and petty, like Biden — whom everybody knows is old and has problems. The outrage and the coping is quite different. They will not tolerate even the simplest jokes when it is used whatsoever to harm them on their “side,” even if it's on the right track in regards to Joe Biden.

A “dad joke” is treason and that's just how off the edge they're getting to this point.

They're even thinking they're finking him for Disney to try and cancel the deal.

Most of them are the same people who have called Trump every name that comes to mind and make all sorts of false accusations against him, including accusing him of being a traitor, being a Russian agent, and all sorts of other things. 

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