Trump Legal Team Suffers Setback as Classified Documents Are Searched Through Again

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta recently handed former president Donald Trump and his legal team a major setback when they authorized the DOJ to continue examining classified documents seized following FBI agents searching the president's Palm Beach Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, in early August. This ruling overturns the earlier decision of the judge Aileen Cannon. Cannon, who was against Trump in the last week, permitted an arbiter who is independent and referred to as a “special master” to examine the documents prior to the DOJ examining the records.

This new ruling dramatically reduces the powers that the master has. It also gives the Department of Justice unfettered access to classified documents.

In the massive raid that took place, the FBI removed an estimated 11,000 documents, along with The Donald's passports, as well as more than 1,800 “other items.” Basically they were able to take anything that wasn't bolted to the ground.

Trump's team has stated the special master must examine the documents first to determine if there were any instances of attorney-client privilege or correspondence. Trump's team claims that he had declassified all of the documents, however, the court ruled that there was no evidence to support that:

“Plaintiff asserts that he might have declassified these documents during his presidency. The record does not provide evidence to suggest that any of these documents were declassified.”

Then they continued to state that regardless of whether the items were declassified they didn't really care:

“In any case in all likelihood, to this point the argument for declassification is a ruse since declassifying an official document does not alter its contents or make it more personal.”

The three justices added they believed that Trump did not have an “individual interest in or need for” the more than 100 documents that are classified. It is reported that the Associated Press as well as other accounts like the New York Times and almost all liberal accounts on Twitter says this is an important win for the Justice Department:

“The ruling of three judges that are part of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit amounts to an enormous triumph in the favor of the Justice Department, clearing the way for investigators to continue examining the documents while they consider whether they should bring criminal charges relating to the storage of highly classified documents at Mar-a-Lago following Trump leaving his White House.”

[Emphasis mine.]

Liberals were in full-on celebration mode.

Haven’t we seen this film many times, Rob Reiner? You're ecstatic, but then are then left crying when the story does not come through? We'll find out if that's the scenario again. The court explained the reasoning behind its decision:

“It is obvious that the general public has a significant desire to ensure that the documents that were stored in the classified files was not a cause of “exceptionally grave harm to national security. To determine that requires examining these documents and determining which individuals have access to them, and at what time they were accessible, and determining what (if there are any) documents or sources have been at risk.”

What does the Special Master do with Judge Raymond J. Dearie? Judge Raymond J. Dearie is now prohibited from accessing classified documents and will be perusing the more than 11,000 classified documents. Sounds like a fun job.

New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against the whole Trump family group on Wednesday morning. It's possible to claim it's a sign that Trump is in grave legal danger and is definitely a criminal. My view is that it's a violation of justice that has been committed by the DOJ and that of the New York state attorney general and the Manhattan district attorney and the Democrat Senate during his time in office, as well as the DoJ's Southern District of New York and almost every prosecutorial department across America has attempted to catch the man, but… authorities have came up with nothing.

Let's see if it is the case that the “walls” are really “closing in.”

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