Byron Donalds Makes Rebuttal of Democrat Economic Policy During Hearing That Must be Seen

Rep. Byron Donalds might not receive the same amount of attention as other Republican politicians, however he's a remarkable person who should be heard. This was evident during a House hearing on the country's economic problems.

Donalds confronted witnesses about the causes of the current economic crisis and the labor shortage, and in the process, he completely destroyed Democrat economic policies. It's an absolute must-see for all who appreciate solid arguments over trivial issues.

The video is just more than two minutes long and it's well worth every second.

Donalds starts by laying out the main issue. It is one that the left clearly hopes to avoid. When a country begins to hand money out at a rapid pace to those who did not earn it, you're faced with an excess of dollars to purchase too many things. Donalds questions the witness about the logic behind this policy. She first tries to avoid the question by accusing the Republican of trying to blame the “working people.” That's the moment that Donalds simply goes off.

He continues to state that he doesn't blame the working population, but when you have people receiving money that haven’t worked for it, you'll end up having an unsatisfactory supply of labor due to people who decide not to work. This shortage of labor then causes supply chain issues that the country is currently facing.

As Donalds continues to talk, he explains that the American Rescue Plan that caused the entire mess. The decision to hinder the economy and create huge inflation was made by Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat Party. They are now trying to claim that it was all a matter of random chance, but in reality it was a deliberate act of politically by ignorant politicians looking for fame rather than doing the right thing.

Donalds questioned another witness as to whether his explanation is correct and got the answer “yes, I think that's a fair description.” This was a moment of silence and the Republican was not finished yet. He made the following obvious argument, which was that the reason that gasoline prices are dropping is because Biden has depleted the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve. That's right, you paid for these reserves using your tax dollars, and now the president is using to use them as a political instrument to convince you that you're being swindled.

Donalds concludes with his primary argument, which is it is the Biden administration is claiming companies are causing the higher prices, while it was really Democrat policies that were the cause of this. If you create a shortage to gain political points, which causes problems with supply chains that we face, it leads to increased prices. It is known as supply and demand. And simply because Democrats believed that the economic rules weren't applicable for them does not mean that they shouldn't be accountable for the consequences.

Keep an eye out for Donalds. The man has already established an impact in a very crowded House GOP, and his future is only going to get better from here.

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