Republican Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt Goes Up in Three Nevada Surveys

The results in Nevada are booming! Adam Laxalt, the GOP challenger to the Senate has maintained an edge over incumbent and vulnerable Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto. Laxalt has previously served as Nevada Attorney General. Three polls that were released on Thursday indicate Laxalt is  ahead in the race.

The Insider Advantage Poll has Laxalt up by three points: 45.9 percent to 43 percent. Independent voters favored Laxalt 55.1 percent over Masto's 24.2 percent. Although Masto is still leaning towards her Mexican heritage and keeps pointing out that she's the first Latina to be elected to the Senate, Hispanic voters aren't interested. Non-white voters, mainly Latinos who reside in Nevada, Laxalt was able to beat Masto yet again. He had 55.8 percent of the votes in comparison to Masto's 36.7 percent.

The Trafalgar Group conducted their polling from September 17 to 20. Laxalt was ahead by 4 points, with 47.1 percent compared to 43.1 percent.

Data for The Progress shows Laxalt ahead by one point, at 47 to 46 percent.

Furthermore, Emerson College released a poll last week which showed Laxalt up by one point, with 42 percent to 41 percent.

Local reporters have reported on a 17-member focus group to claim that voters are not in favor of Laxalt. The creator of the anti-gun organization Mom's Demand chose to share the article, which asserts that the polling is in the favor of Masto, on a day that three polls actually have come out in Laxalt’s favor.

The person who wrote the article claims to be an Independent and issued an alert red on Twitter due to the non-partisan divide in the reporting of polls heavily favored Laxalt by 19 points.

Recently, the Laxalt administration took on Senator Masto in protest of President Joe Biden's anti-police candidate for the FCC. Close to a dozen law enforcement organizations that previously supported Masto are now in support of Laxalt.

Whatever way you decide to interpret the situation, Laxalt is leading with an unwavering pace. He could be the lucky winner in the race to flip the US Senate. Although Nevada might be a far distance away from D.C., I wouldn't recommend counting out the state or not paying attention to Adam Laxalt.

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