Hilary Clinton Compares Regular Americans to Nazis

The left tried to make up this fact. Some people at a Trump gathering in Ohio this weekend raised their hands in protest during his speech. That's it. This is what's known as the “horror.” The Trump supporters raised their index fingers as they were holding up a “1.” Now, what was the reasoning behind this? Well, when you consider the context, it was clear that the president Donald Trump was talking about the fact that we are Americans -“one people, one nation. “one people…one glorious American nation” and kneeling before God in peace.

Some on the left attempted to liken the gesture of some participants at the rally with the Nazi salute just because they raised their hands. No, not everyone who raises their hand must be Hitler!

In other words, if Hitler consumed water, Trump drinking water would mean Hitler is nearby, right? This is how absurd these people are today.

The most shocking take comes from Hillary Clinton, who is always looking for an opportunity to make a mark. She's always trying to attack Trump and hasn't gotten over the loss she suffered in his favor, even six years later. She's always trying to figure out what people on the left are talking about to be able to appeal to them. The woman who said that thousands of Americans are “deplorable” is now calling Americans who voted for Trumps as being “drawn in by Hitler.”

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton compared President Donald J. Trump's recent address in Ohio to an Nazi event from past of The German Third Reich.

“I remember being young trying to figure out how people got attracted by Hitler. What happened to them?” she said during the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas on Friday. “I'd go through newsreels, and I'd observe this man standing in the middle of the street ranting and raving and people screaming and waving their arms. I wondered, “What happened this time around?

“You were at an event in Ohio last night. Trump is shouting and ranting for over one hour. And there are the rows of young men who have their arms up. I wondered, “What's happening, What's happening?'”

How can Trump speak of the power of America and “one glorious American nation.” How Hitlerian can he get! Perhaps the issue is with the Democrats as they aren't happy with these things and honoring America?

A Trump spokesperson dissed Clinton's perspective on the rally.

“As usual, the media is working hand in hand with the Democrats weeks before an election,” said spokesperson Taylor Budowich. “It seems like perpetual-failed-candidate Hillary Clinton's basket of deplorables has run stale, not unlike herself,” Budowich said. “It's pathetic, it's divisive, and it is further cementing her legacy of cringe.”

The irony of all of that is how the image is projected. Clinton stated this, but in reality the person who said it is Joe Biden ranting and trying to discredit the millions of Americans. In the end, calling Americans “deplorable” isn't enough in the present, they need to label them Nazis and extremists, provoking anger and division against them. That's more Hitlerian than any other thing Trump declared.

In the meantime, Hillary? You may want to look at yourself. It looks like Hitler to me.

She could not even get to Wisconsin. If she believes that this is the best way to increase the number of votes cast for Democrats, she is a fool.

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