Jill Biden Has Fashion Disaster

I'm not one to talk about Biden's clothing, however, she wore something recently in photos of the world's leaders and her husband that got many people talking. In my opinion, it speaks volumes about her mental state and the reason we're in the situation we're in with her husband. This could be the most embarrassing dress she's worn, even though there's plenty of rivalry.

There were many opinions. Some people compared it to a Hefty bag, while others compared it to what Alice Cooper might wear. My SO believes that she might have tried to imitate Cat Woman as well with the leather look, since it was considered “hot” when Jill Biden was young. If there was anything going on in her head, the outfit was not appropriate, probably not for anyone but especially a 71-year-old woman, because it was very tight and revealed every bump and curve. It appeared even more swollen closer to the top.

A few people thought it caused Jill to look unkempt. It didn't just mean the Hefty bags. She could use some help in the dressing aspect. She fluctuates between odd floral outfits that appear like couches from the past, but at least she's not trying to appear as if she's a young woman of 25. It's not a great look when you're 70 and trying to wear baby doll clothes or a fishnet skirt/short skirt.

Jill Biden even got in controversy for what she wore at Queen Elizabeth's funeral (to which she and her husband arrived delayed and were seated 14 rows in the back). Etiquette suggests it's better for women to dress in a cap as well as a longer skirt to reflect the solemn event, and not an accessory on her head that appeared to be the bow of a party. Perhaps that's an homage to the “Bow Day Gah”?

I think it's an issue with her when she appears to be tempted to dress as this, believing that it's appropriate. In the case of funerals, it's possible to create problems on the global stage.

It also goes with the reason her husband offered in support of her desire to earn an Ed.D. — she believed that she didn't get the attention she deserved since she was simply “Mrs.” when he was a Senator. So, she returned and obtained the degree to be recognized. She has issues and needs acknowledgment. I believe that's one of the main reasons we're facing this crisis with Biden in the office right now. I'm sure she would have liked the position as it is. Now she's willing to be the handler, despite Joe facing all the problems that he does, because she is playing Edith Wilson redux.

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