Kari Lake Takes on Liz Cheney

Despite the proclamations of the media that Liz Cheney's influence will be bigger than ever following her debacle during the state's Republican primary, it hasn't happened. In the meantime, Cheney has been completely excluded from being a ranter at conferences that aren't hers and publishing fanfiction on the 6th of January Twitter account.

Who could possibly have thought of that? But, I digress. Cheney was in conversation with The Texas Tribune for reasons undetermined on Saturday. She then chose to be a complete sham. Cheney slammed Kari Lake and railed over “election deniers.” She continued to attack Governor Glenn Youngkin as well, declaring that he had been in violation of the law by campaigning with Lake.

Cheney seems to be living in a fantasy world where she is influential and is able to influence the decisions of “our party.” I have some good news for her, however. She's not a Republican anymore. You can't join forces with Nancy Pelosi, Jamie Raskin, and Adam Schiff and still claim to represent only the interests of the GOP in the back of your mind. Cheney is a Democrat who is planning to lead a fraudulent run for president in 2024. This is the reason why she hasn't officially announced her plans as of yet.

Afflicting a smear on Youngkin thoroughly exposes the truth about her. Youngkin is a popular Republican in almost every aspect. It's his responsibility to help his colleagues in gubernatorial contests. It's a credit to him that the mature man is able to brush aside any differences that might exist in order to assist Lake in her efforts to win victory. Cheney is, on the contrary, a weak, selfish, self-centered person who would rather watch Americans be stricken (as they are in the midst of Democrat rule) rather than let go of her vengeance.

To her part, Kari Lake saw Cheney's remarks and threw down the hammer to protest.

If this is the case, then how could Cheney work to get Democrats elected when they have denied the election that were won by Donald Trump and George W. Bush? Heck, two of Cheney's coworkers on the committee of January 6th opposed the certification, which I'm convinced is treason. And who hasn’t said anything about it? Liz Cheney.

She's a hypocrite pushing an agenda, instead of placing the nation first. The idea that she believes she has the power to influence the midterm elections is insane. Cheney will soon realize in one way or another that the media's praises don't make much sense.

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