Lead Prosecutor Rips Mask Off

There's been a number of criminals in the Department of Justice over the years, and plenty of “public servants” who have used their power to their advantage. However, Andrew Weissmann is the most notable at least during the last couple of years.

Weissmann was first a prominent famous figure in the United States as a member of the Enron Task Force where he committed misconduct in the prosecution that was so grave that a number of convictions were thrown out. Documents that were not sealed later revealed that his team tried to intimidate witnesses and interfere in the attorney-client relationships of witnesses. Weissmann also sacked Arthur Anderson, the company that handles accounting, before eventually being dismissed at the Supreme Court.

What was left in the aftermath of Weissmann's campaign? Destruction of companies, people put in jail who ought not to have been there, and thousands of jobs lost. And what was his sentence? He was given an award for exceptional performance by the DOJ.

Unfortunately, his partisanship did not end there. A few years later, he would be named the chief prosecutor of his role as the Robert Mueller special counsel investigating Donald Trump. What followed were years of targeted leaks as a way to discredit a political adversary until Mueller and his associates finally got rid of the issue. What was Weissmann's punishment? He resigned with full benefits to enter the media and became a regularly appearing anchor on MSNBC.

That brings me to his current behavior. Weissmann is now a cult BlueAnon account on Facebook and Twitter. 

I knew that this man was a hacker from the partisan side. There's been plenty of evidence of that over the many years. But to draw a comparison between the wife of the Supreme Court justice to a historical figure who advocated for a non-aggression agreement that was signed between US and Hitler and inferring the possibility that Ginni Thomas could have been a supporter of the Holocaust is completely absurd. In order for the analogy to work, one needs to believe that there's a present Holocaust in the near future to allow Thomas to have a hand in. What exactly is this utter idiot talking about?

Ginni Thomas' grave error was to have a few discussions about the best way to contest the 2020 election in both the court system and Congress. No matter what, the outcome of her efforts and the way he compared it to the mass murders of Jews and other minorities is so sexist and absurd that it can only be left with displeasure and condemnation as the only viable solution.

What it reveals is how awful an individual Weissmann is. He isn't able to simply view his political adversaries as people who he doesn’t agree with. He instead seeks to make use of the power of government to eliminate anyone who gets in his way. Although he's not part of the government today, he pushed for the long-arm of the DOJ employed to take down the people who are dissenting. It's dangerous and tyrannical and must be exposed.

It's genuinely scary to know that the DOJ is composed of individuals like Weissmann. They are career bureaucrats who are positioned to act as “unbiased” arbiters when they are far from that. The smooth transition that a lot of them make between the left-wing and government news is at best alarming but it's actually an opportunity to hide. This is also the reason why the new Republican president should clean house, regardless of the outrage that follows.

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