Peter Doocy Has Epic Exchange with White House Over Abortion

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has experienced a variety of problems in her job. Although it is often believed that the role of Joe Biden is to avoid answering questions, Jean-Pierre doesn't just do this, her actions are so sloppy that it is obvious precisely what she's doing.

Democrats have been deceiving in their assessment of Senator Lindsay Graham's abortion restriction idea that prohibits abortions after 15 weeks, with the exception of rape, incest and or health of the woman who is pregnant. This restriction is in line with what the majority of Americans would like to see.

Jean-Pierre was describing it as the “nationwide ban” on abortion in a fight with Peter Doocy from Fox, but she did not mention the 15-week period.

Watch as she continues declaring she was unable to “get into the specifics.”

If you were to dig deep into the details, you wouldn't be able to mislead the American public on what the idea was. If you're trying to claim that the proposal Republicans propose is extreme, what is your counter?

Doocy refused to let her go. He wanted for information on what Biden's suggested restriction was or in the event that he didn't have any restrictions on abortions at all.

Jean-Pierre kept trying to dodge, however, Doocy would not let it go.

She then lied and insisted that she had responded to the question but she had not.

It's great to see Peter Doocy going after her and the truth about their lies and their refusal to speak truth with the American people.

The exchange proves how extreme Biden is, as is Biden's Democratic policy. When you do ask they won't place any restrictions on it. This effectively means that it's cool from conception until birth. They don't want to declare this because the majority of Americans are against it. But if they are unable to impose a limit and say that they don't have any restrictions, then they're saying that they are not subject to any restrictions.

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