Polls Are Improving for Republicans

As we previously reported, the latest ABC/WaPo poll is nothing more than unfinished business for the Democrats.

The poll of voters who are likely to vote had Joe Biden back down at 39 percent approval and the general ballot was Republicans 55% (51 percentage to 45 percent). Economy was the top most important factor for 84 percent of voters who made a decision on which candidate to vote for in Congress with 74% saying the economic situation was not good under Biden.

Additionally, the statistics on whom they trust are favoring the GOP by huge margins on the top issues of the race: economy (+17) as well as inflation (+18) as well as the issue of crime (+22).

Biden is swimming with all of us. He's in the same pool as Blacks as well as Hispanics. With only 62 percent of African-American voters saying they will vote for a Democrat? That's the death knell of Democrats.

As the former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declared, if this election is a test of Biden, Democrats lose. And it's difficult to argue by the numbers that show precisely this.

However, while all of that is accurate and is very negative for Democrats, Robert Cahaly, senior strategist at the Trafalgar Group, says, keep calm, it could even improve for Republicans due to another thing he's seeing.

“This year, our fear is that people are not going to be polled that are Trump supporters because all that Biden has said, and all the apparent attacks, and people coming after them and they're just hesitant even to participate,” Cahaly said to Fox News host Dan Bongino on Saturday's episode of “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.”

“I think everybody will underestimate them, including us,” continued the author. “Republican turnout will exceed even what we predict.”

Cahaly was correct when it came down to the 2016 election because he was able to account for those who voted for the “shy Trump vote,” those who weren't telling pollsters which candidate they'd vote for, and he's observing that same thing happening in the present.

In other words, if you put this thought to the ABC/WaPo polls that are great for Republicans but a nightmare for Democrats, you could be talking about more of a blowout that the poll suggests.

Cahaly offers a different prediction that could have a major impact on the election for the Senate and vice versa in that at the very least one — Blake Masters in Arizona or Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania — will prevail with a possibility of each winning. Both have come on from being a long way behind and could both be victorious.

This would be fantastic news, if it's true. It means it's at a minimum at least a hold, and the possibility of a pick in the event that both teams are successful.

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