Right-Wing Coalition Wins In Italy

Italy had its National elections this Sunday and the results have the left-wing world seeing red. Exit polls suggest that the right-wing coalition is likely to win a large majority, with a new government that is being created around Giorgia Meloni, who is the prime minister.

Meloni becomes the very first female in history of the country to hold this post.

Who is Meloni? She's the head of the Brothers of Italy party and a popular firebrand. This video, which runs for 30 seconds, gives a concise overview of her opinions.

Naturally, anyone who holds these political views is inherently evil, at least, according to the American media. As the day of election approached and it appeared more certain that Meloni was going to win in the election, the fear mongering went up to its highest. CBS News did a report saying that she was a fascist, since it's the only insult they've heard.

Meloni does not, in fact, lead a “neo-fascist” movement. Does she consider herself “far-right” in the European sense? Yes, she is, however that doesn't mean it makes her a fascist. In fact, according to what I've seen, the proposed policies are considered to be anti-fascist. They could make people on the left angry, particularly in relation to immigration and LGBT issues, but it's not the norm for fascism.

In a way, American Democrats base their accusations on the assumption that Meloni's party has its origins in the fascism of the 20th century in Italy. Naturally, the issue with that is evident. There is no doubt that the Democrat Party was the party of slavery and Jim Crow, and it is still an organization that promotes mass murder regarding abortion. Therefore, if one believes that the existence of a political party with a rocky history is not acceptable in the first place, then the Democrats may as well shut their doors, because otherwise they're just massive hypocrites.

But they won't because they truly believe that they are more educated than their political adversaries. If you do not want your children being sexually abused through the LGBT lobby, you are an extremist. If you're not in favor of unlimited immigration, which increases crime, that's why you're an extremist. We all know how it's played and the results are irrelevant at this point. There is no one who believes in the left's rants.

However, what's been evident over the past year is that Europe is changing. Right-wing governments are claiming power throughout the continent, which is because the left played too much with their cards. They believed they could bring into an age of deranged decadence in the culture, coupled with economic ill-health without consequences. It is evident that voters have differing views.

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