Victorious Giorgia Meloni Proves Why the Left Hates Her

As we wait for the shocking, hilarious reactions the left will have to offer for the November 8th midterm elections, we had some glimpses on Sunday of how the election could take place.

As RedState revealed, the coalition of right-wing political parties was swept into the presidency in Italy which saw Giorgia Meloni poised to become the country's first female premier. The same left who insist that you should celebrate each “historic” victory on their side didn't have anything to say about the glass ceilings that were smashed in this case. Instead, they resorted to their favorite trope of the moment. In particular, they said that she's a “fascist.”

Is she? I'm unable to find any evidence to support this in her policies. The only thing I can see is guilt by association allegations that are tied to the history of the party she is a part of. Why shouldn't the similar standard be applicable to Democrats who's history is full of deaths and slaves?

Who is Meloni and what does she consider her beliefs? Following her triumph, an image of her addressing her beliefs went viral and I believe it's pretty clear why people on the left hate her.

It's subtitled. I will not transcribe it in a separate way, however the main message of the speech by Meloni is straightforward: The left wants to take away everything that gives the basic identity of people. It doesn't matter if it's family or religion, or even nationality. The aim? to turn people into cogs of the bureaucratic machine of consumerization. This is the concept of the World Economic Forum, where global elites control and dictate the “family of nations” for the “betterment” of the serfs.

“Everything that defines us is now an enemy,” she declares in her remarks in which she outlines the loss of identity for individuals in the name of a government-driven malaise. Meloni then quoted G.K. Chesterton, stating, “Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four, swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in the summer.”

After watching that video, you can see the reasons she got elected. Italians have suffered for a long time with far-left policies on economics COVID totalitarianism and the complete loss of their pride in their country. In the meantime, EU bureaucrats in Brussels have been toasting champagne and enjoying the spoils. The people have finally said enough is enough. This is part of a larger backlash across Europe against the sexism and perversions of today's left.

Why does the left have such an intense hatred for Meloni? Because she's pro-family, religious, and pro-country. She's also against those who support transgender rights. She's not a fascist, however, she's a threat to the left-wing revolution that they have been fighting for. In order to do this, she has to be smashed and destroyed. It is good to know that she is prepared for battle.

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