Brian Kemp Takes On Stacey Abrams

We've described the ways in which the gubernatorial run of Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams is going off a cliff due to some massive errors committed by Abrams herself and thanks to a political environment that Democrats who were once awed of Abrams because of her not being willing to give in to Kemp in 2018, have now become totalists over the issue of contesting the results of elections and refusing to accept the outcomes (except when it is about particular election issues they would like to challenge).

However, one place where Abrams hasn't been a target for her critics from the right throughout her fight against Kemp has been her habit of basking in the spotlight on national television, which she's done repeatedly over the past four years following her defeat to Kemp. She's been featured on late-night talk shows, and national television morning shows. She’s been coddled in interviews and and featured in major newspapers, and even at one time guest-starred in one episode from Star Trek as “President of United Earth”:

This raises concerns about what Stacey Abrams' priorities are: Georgia voters, or wealthy out-of-state Democrats as well as those from Hollywood who have contributed to her campaign?

In a brand new ad, called “Celebrity Stacey,” Kemp's campaign makes a point about the way Abrams appears more at ease in the national spotlight, clinking glasses in the company of “liberal elites” and pushing their extreme left agenda, while considering higher office instead of working for the benefit of the other Georgians within her own community:

Kemp also pounded Abrams on her Star Trek cameo.

While the attack in the video is slightly on the goofy side, the clip should be extremely successful, particularly when you consider the fact that president Biden is becoming increasingly seen as being in a disconnect with the majority of voters in recent polls. Abrams' prior popularity as a media stalwart certainly doesn't bode well for her in the least, given that she's not able to recreate the previously-said “magic” of her 2018 campaign against Kemp.

There is always a chance for change, and the future will reveal what happens; however, the way things stand as of now, Kemp has put himself in great chance of sweepingly defeating Abrams in a manner that nobody, not even the most persuading supporters can doubt the outcome from the elections.

At this point, Abrams seems to recognize the evidence on the table. This could explain why she's been pushed further in the direction of the Left on hot topic issues such as abortion. Since if she fails this time around in running for Georgia's governor, she'll likely have to find something else to take its place. There's no better moment to begin preparing for a job on MSNBC or even a position within Biden's administration than now.

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