Chris Wallace’s New Show Flops

You have to be awed when pomposity gets cut off. If ever there was someone who could embody that idea, it would include Chris Wallace. Wallace left Fox and the network he'd been on for a long time, to enjoy the freedoms of CNN. He was unsure if he felt Fox was less than him all the time or just because he thought he'd be more ideologically aligned in line with CNN as well as the progressive ideology isn't entirely clear.

It is evident that he joined CNN during an altercation at the company, which has upset a lot of liberal partisans at the network, including Brian Stelter and John Harwood who were both given the boot. The situation has not been good for him at CNN.

Wallace was at CNN for the reason that Jeff Zucker promised him a weekday interview show. Then, Zucker was dismissed and CNN+ predictably tanked, leaving Wallace to flutter in the wind.

An insider who has knowledge of the matter told, “He went over there to meet with Zucker and, as of today, Zucker has left. Wallace believes he's been cheated. Wallace has no staff and no Executive Producer and the man whom he traded an award-winning job with has walked out through the front door.”

On April 1, CNN+ was shut down a month after its launch and Wallace's show was put on hold. It was announced that the new CNN Chief Executive Officer Chris Licht decided to keep the show but shift the show to Sunday nights and have it airing on HBO Max at the same time.

Fox produced a hilarious ad during the CNN+ shut down that also included Wallace.

However, the debut of Wallace's show  which aired on Sunday was a huge flop and only had 401,000 viewers watching the time slot and just 43,000 in the crucial 25-54 demographic. In contrast, Trey Gowdy had more than triple the audience on Fox on his show that airs on Sundays, averaging 1.3 million viewers and 78, 000 viewers in that crucial segment.

The report said that Wallace was “irate” when Zucker was dismissed. I'm guessing this will cause him to become more angry due to the fact that despite all his efforts to make his point, the public doesn't wish to hear from him.

Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce has summarized Wallace's complete demise.

I'm not certain who the viewers were going to be. However, I'm guessing that he's likely to leave the company since it appears like the CEO Chris Licht doesn't suffer failures. Therefore, start counting down the minutes until Wallace goes to the exit like Stelter and Harwood, or is dragged back to Fox to beg for an interview.

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