John Fetterman Makes Big Mistakes

Recently, polls have indicated that a US Senate election in Pennsylvania is heating up in the state, including Republican Mehmet Oz who is in a strong position to win in the event that undecided voters break toward the right, which has often been the case in first-term, mid-term elections.

In the meantime, Democrat John Fetterman continues his exhausting, fast-paced campaign with five-minute stump speeches. The Democrat who suffered an enormous stroke in May after refusing to see his doctor for a half decade, has given some troubling, uncomfortable speeches in the past few months and Monday was no exception.

Fetterman was tempted to criticize the crowd in the form of declaring “the Eagles have it so much better” than the Steelers (or at the very least that's what was his intention). I am sorry to tell you that there were mistakes made.

Imagine standing in that crowd, listening to such incoherence, then hysterically chanting and laughing as if you've got the most brilliant gag ever thought of. Who attends these kinds of Fetterman events? Do they really have limitations on what they'll accept and even support if it's maintaining a tiny bit of power? This is a rhetorical question, of course.

Here's what I'm saying. If you're going to back this log that also has an enormous, unidentified head bump, which he hides constantly, at the very least, admit to the reality of what he's doing. Stop making others feel like it's fine and stroke patients suffering from this severity of a condition will miraculously recover. The initial three months are the most rapid recovery period following a major stroke. I am sorry to inform you that we're well past that point. Anyone who is able to look around and can see that they are not moving forward.

Fetterman's problems aren't only “auditory,” as his campaign and supporters have frequently suggested. Closed captioning during an event isn't going to aid this man. You might have observed by now that Fetterman isn't aware of the moment his brain goes through a reboot. He continues to roll while the crowds of sycophants sing and clap, without giving a second thought about what came out of his mouth.

This is a problem. It is impossible to serve in the US Senate without being in a position to be able to clearly think about what you're doing and reading. The defenders of his position will say that he's able to perform his job because he must show up with a breath in his lungs to vote; however, what defense would you put up against this? Do Pennsylvanians really need an elected senator who is subordinated by a gang of staffers who dictate his actions? This is a foolish deal.

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