NASCAR Driver Attacks Competitor

Overe the weekend, a flurry of fists were thrown on the Virginia's Martinsville Speedway.

NASCAR drivers Andrew Grady and Brandon Pierce wrecked during qualifying laps. It appears that Andrew blamed Davey Callihan for the crash.

In an interview with Racing America, Andrew condescendingly described the incident. “End of the day,” Andrew told Racing America, “we were really, extremely excellent. The car was really quick.”

However, Davey faced the consequences of his old bucket of bolts

“[Y]ou are a fool to arrive here and play with us. They're not running an old model or even the lawnmowers. It's not even far away.”

The crazy driver accused Davey of driving recklessly, as he caused Brandon to crash as well.

“He dive-bombed me. He caught me. He ruined Brandon Pierce in the process.”

Andrew was intrigued by an exchange of ideas; however, Davey reduced his thoughts to two words:

“[I] wanted to talked to him, and he flipped me off.”

In a resolute reaction, the angry racer did his best:

“So I began Mike Tysoning his head. It's an athletic sport that is for big-boys, if you hurt the man, you're free to get a grown man to whooping. This is how I feel.”

What did Davey feel? If he'd de-helmeted already, it was likely that he was suffering from a headache.

For the reason that it's not “close,” Davey rejects the idea. He explained to Daily Mail that in NASCAR the racers compete to win

“It was for a transfer job at Martinsville. From my point of view it was a good location. It was not far. However, you cannot give any centimeter for the transfer point when there are 95 cars. I had to take the risk. It was simply tough racing.”

“I do apologize to [Andrew],” the man said, “but we're fighting for our life out there, so I just did what I had to do.”

Additionally, Davey insists he never gave Andrew the bird.

“I have never flipped anyone off. He's just there, and starts hitting me in the race car. So… I know the frustration he feels. It's to get the transfer spot and we were fighting for our lives.”

There was fighting sure. At least, Andrew — also known as Mike Tyson — was. According to the Mail he “managed to pull down the window netting in [Davey's] car and threw haymaker after haymaker at his head.”

It's a great reminder that the road rage problem is real in fact, even at Martinsville Speedway.

On Saturday, the “NAS” is “NASCAR” signified “nasty.”

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