Vanderbilt University Divinity School Associate Dean of Students Is Foul-Mouthed

Rev. Laura Cheifetz is the Assistant Dean of Admissions, Vocation, and Student Life at Vanderbilt University's School of Divinity. She has been there since 2019 and has been ordained as a minister of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and is a member of a large religious family lineage. This is the reason she was tapped by the dean who resigned from the School of Divinity, Rev. Dr. Emilie M. Townes.

In a video introduction, Dr. Townes encourages new students to consider combining “social witness” and their faith, and to build a community that is faithful, “we'll get it right and then we'll do it wrong. However, we're always trying to be on an ideal side.”

In recently tweeted tweets, Cheifetz is caught in all kinds of wrong, specifically when it comes to dealing with individuals as well as students she doesn't agree with.

There are those who do not support this transgender advocacy and support with which Vanderbilt University actively takes part and who have expressed their anger at the institution, Cheifetz apparently throws Vanderbilt University's statement on EDI to the wind.

In their statement regarding EDI:

“The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion strives to create at Vanderbilt University an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to academic excellence, and to demonstrate deliberate practices that honor the human rights of everyone. We aim to foster environments that are welcoming, equitable, and diverse to help foster a sense of belonging to Vanderbilt as well as beyond with the aim of developing human potential and advancing their development.”

However, it is apparent on Cheifetz's Twitter account that those warm fuzzies don't extend to her friends.

I wonder how she is able to know this? As a person employed as a social media outreach to new students, Cheifetz seems to be somewhat lacking with regards to terms of the “social” aspect, as shown in this collection of tweets.

Cheifetz enjoys using the “F” word apparently, and is genuinely averse to “Trumpkins” and anyone who puts on Jesus performances.

Tweet1 I received an unknown number and an announcement about a fundraiser banquet being held by one of the horrible crisis centers for pregnant women that prey upon the weak by presenting false information. I'm thinking of contacting them again and making up with them.

Tweet 2 Sometimes, people about and then find out that they're not the only ones.

Twitter 3.: Vodka tonic with elderberry syrup since you aren't able to remain the whole time at home or don masks or worship on the internet.

*You all refer to deniers and asshats as well as Trumpkins and the man who has huge “Jesus” concerts.

I'm wondering if she's been double-vaxxed or triple-boosted?

For those with an interest in the world…

Cheifetz's stance towards new students who aren't within the school's rules and decide to leave the school is negative too. A former student was gracious enough to write an email explaining why and, frankly, the money is theirs as well as their precious time therefore it's their choice… right?

“You're the person who wrote to me this morning to inform them that they were unable to attend school because of the mandate to get vaccinated. You must absolutely go out on your own.”

The tweet was later deleted, but it appears that Cheifetz had a problem with the “respect the humanity of all” section in the DEI statement. It's true, Twitter is a great opportunity to show that you live by the things you say. What has happened in the Golden Rule? Maybe Cheifetz did not take that class in the seminary.

This is a small sample of tweets from Cheifetz. In her bio as a staff member she is sweet and light. She also bakes cookies to hand out to her friends as well as trying to be a great aunt.

Then you go through her tweets and you realize it's the same as Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. Which is the real Laura Cheifetz, and, if she hates people, why does she have a job in which she has to interact with people? 

When the tweet in which she lashed out at the anonymous student became viral, and other people started to notice the gap between her vulgar rants in addition to her Christian charities, Cheifetz was ratioed and shamed. To avoid scrutiny, Cheifetz secured her account, ensuring that only the people she had previously linked to could view her F-bombs or insinuations about charity.

I am so sorry for the students she's faced. I am also sorry for any student who is aware of the call of God to minister and decides that Vanderbilt is where they'd like to attend. If Laura Cheifetz represents all of us, there's a lot more to be wrong with the institution of higher education as compared to their transgender agenda, and their mandates for vaccination. Their morality, their social standing, and capacity to participate in religious and academic discourse are all missing.

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