Kari Lake’s First General Election Ad Pushes Against the “Lies” Told About Her

Arizona Republican Kari Lake released her campaign's first big ad on Tuesday in her gubernatorial campaign, which highlights her personal background and her experience as news anchor. While she did have ads during the primary, the multi-million dollar purchase is her first advertisement for the general election.

From NBC:

Since the Aug. 2 primary through Monday, Lake had spent no money on television and just $8,000 on digital ads, per the ad-tracking firm AdImpact…

But Lake’s campaign, along with the Yuma County GOP, made a big ad buy on Monday of more than $7.5 million between the two groups, according to the ad-tracking firm, AdImpact.

In the ad, Lake is seen addressing the camera and informs the viewers:

Hi Arizona, it’s Kari Lake. You’ve heard a lot of lies about me this past year, but here’s the truth: I was raised in a big family in Iowa. Dad was a teacher, and mom a nurse. I’m the youngest of nine, and we had to work hard to get by.

She adds:

I put myself through college and found opportunity here. I married Jeff, and we have two beautiful children. You welcomed me into your homes for 27 years as I delivered you honest news. Arizona gave me everything, and I’m running for governor to give you my all.

A new survey taken by Suffolk University with The Arizona Republic suggests that Lake is close to being in a tie with Hobbs:

Hobbs has a thin lead, but nearly a fifth of independents are undecided.

The poll shows Hobbs with a 1 percent lead over Lake, with 46 percent of respondents saying they would vote for Hobbs compared to 45 percent for Lake.

Polls are just polls, however RedState’s Cameron Arcand highlights another recent poll showing Lake ahead by four. Arcand also revealed that an unwelcome guest is trying to get herself into the contest, which is never Trumper Liz Cheney.  “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Kari Lake is not elected,” she declared at The Texas Tribune festival on Saturday.

Cheney possibly just caused a lot of people to decide to cast their vote for Kari.

Hobbs declared Trump's base to be “neo Nazi” and is refusing to engage in a debate with Lake even though she promised that she would welcome a debate on the 12th of October should Hobbs “grow a spine.” Lake has become more prominent in recent months and was on Tucker Carlson's program last Monday evening to praise the newly elected interim Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, and talk about her concerns regarding the direction of the nation should we not “do something”:

She informs Tucker:

The people who are truly understanding what’s happening in this country, which is we’re losing this country, are the ones who are being attacked…

…actually I have great fear. I’m not afraid of the Fake News, I’m not afraid of the globalists, I’m not afraid of anything that I’m facing on the campaign trail…

What I’m scared to death of, is what happens if we don’t step in right at this moment and do something. I’m afraid of the world that our children will live in.

The latest campaign ad isn't shocking or spectacular, but it is effective because Kari Lake is easy-going, unassuming, and committed to her convictions. In comparison to many other politicians on both sides, she's a nice change.

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