Lost and Confused

Same day, different confused statement.

This time, President Joe Biden spoke at a White House event on hunger and nutrition. In the course of the event, Biden was supposed to speak some words of appreciation about Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.). He did, according to the RedState's Sister Toldjah.

During the event, Biden was giving a speech and apparently, his notes (or the teleprompter) told him to make sure to honor former Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.), who was the co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus.

The problem, however, came when Biden asked “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie?” and looked around the room for the Congresswoman…

The issue lies in the fact that Jackie Walorski, tragically, has passed away. She passed away in August, when she was in a fatal car crash.

In reality, Biden's teleprompter was telling Biden to mention Walorski specifically since she’d passed away. The person who holds our nuclear football didn't know that the lady he called for had died and did not realize the purpose was to honor her memory. He also probably wasn’t aware of what was going to transpire after that point.

Evidently, a memorial film was scheduled to play, however White House aides stopped his speech and did not play the video in an desperate bid to hide his pathetic ignorance.

It would be merely funny If it wasn't another embarrassing gaffe in a long list of them. Every time he is witnessed in public, pictures are posted of him stumbling without full in control of aspects of his bodily function, his trying to greet those who aren't there, asking handlers to help assist him in finding the way off of a platform or from a room… the list continues to grow.

While the vice president, who also makes a lot of gaffes, is expected to be our ambassador in space through her NASA representation, the President is just lost in space. There have been a number of Presidents in the White House in the recent past and some were strong, while others were not so competent. I don't recall a single instance where a President has appeared as confused and incompetent as Joe Biden. This is both humiliating and frightening.

The man in question is supposed to symbolize the strength and power of the most powerful nation on the planet. What our enemies abroad are seeing is a weak, borderline senile, senior who is unable even to exit the stage or get from an airplane to a car without his wife or assistants leading him. They observe a man who speaks about the dead as though they're alive and appears to be angry and confused most of the time. They observe a man that is not in control of his own presidency, since it is clear that other people are operating everything around him.

Even the traditional media appears to have come to the end of their desire to support the president. They don't want to criticize their Democrat bosses, however the shambles of our executive office is clear and not to be ignored. It appears their method is to replicate the people in the Oval Office—to ignore it and hope that nobody else notices that they're not paying attention.

People seek leaders, and they tend to rely on their leaders, for better or worse. Consider Moses who was a flawed but revered leader among his own people. He wished to guide Jews from slavery, and as an authority they followed him. Or Harriet Tubman, for another example. She was determined to guide American slaves to freedom, and since Tubman was an exemplary leader, people followed her.

If you're distressed, feel like the economy is in chaos and you're not able to prepare for anything, that the world is upside down, or if you feel as if Americans seem lost lately, you’re not alone.

The reason for these things is the person that is supposed to be the leader of this nation is lost in space and it leaves us in search of something to anchor us.

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