Wild Videos of the Intense Storm in Florida

Reports about Hurricane Ian hitting Florida have been building and now videos are being posted of how bad things are.

A camera belonging to The Weather Channel in Ft. Myers, Florida, was under water despite it being six feet off the ground.

This happened throughout the region, as water from the storm flooded the area. It was up to some roofs in certain parts of Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach. It was like seeing videos of tsunamis. Hopefully, everyone got out safely as reports indicated that it was wild.

The Naples firefighters were busy if you called them for assistance with rescuing their gear at their station.

Taylor Wirtz of WINK News claimed that it looked similar to the Titanic at their Naples hotel.

The Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg took their flamingos inside and kept them in a bathroom to ensure their safety.

A door buckled under the power of the water that has been flooding Naples.

Time-lapse videos of the storm surge coming in were also posted.

Houses came off of their foundations in Fort Myers Beach and people swam in their basements and homes.

A few media outlets were posting a photo of a shark, appearing to be excited that the fake meme of a street shark could be true. However, some debunked the claim, saying that the index on the video showed that it was a photo from 2010.

One of the strangest and most real aspects was when the water was rushing in the areas around Naples, it was getting sucked out by other areas like Tampa.

However, just like a tsunami, don't stick around, since it's likely to be returning.

Keep safe, everyone.

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