Cringeworthy Scenes Coming from Kamala at the DMZ

Kamala Harris appears to have trouble with geography.

She’s supposed to be fixing the southern border problems. She appeared near the southern border last Thursday, but it turned out to be not the right border. It was actually the border between North Korea and South Korea. She also had a tiny issue while at the DMZ when she appeared to have forgotten the alliance we have in the area. She talked about the power of the relationship that we have with North Korea, or the “Republic of North Korea.”

But that was not all.

At the DMZ, Harris went to the top of a ridge, near guard towers and security cameras. She looked through bulky binoculars as a South Korean officer pointed out military installations on the southern side. Then an American officer pointed out some of the defenses along the military demarcation line, including barbed-wire fences and claymore mines. He said American soldiers regularly walk patrols along a path.

“It's so close,” Harris stated. “It's 50 meters away, ma'am,” the officer clarified. Harris seemed shocked it was so close. She scanned the binoculars for 50 metres? Really? She's never been this near our borders since coming into office. She doesn't want to travel to the border that she and Joe Biden made into a disaster zone.

There have been an unprecedented number of deaths of illegal immigrants in the US border area—800 in 2022, which is a significant increase from the past record of only 300. As if that weren't enough, there's also the shocking fact that the latest IG report confirmed that the Biden administration was housing children in squalid conditions, including allegations of inadequate treatment and sexual assault.

If that weren't bad enough, the situation got worse. Kamala Harris tried to explain the Webb telescope to military personnel in the DMZ like they were all young children. The expressions on their faces were amazing.

“Have you seen the photographs from the Webb telescope?” Harris asked the group, while they smiled and nodded in a polite manner. They were likely curious about why she was talking to them about space while they're on the ground, guarding their country against North Koreans. Harris was supposed to be there to discuss what's happening at the moment. 

Why does she treat everyone like a child? Or is that just all she’s capable of saying?

These aren’t the only cringeworthy remarks she's made about space. In 2021, she created a video of herself talking to kids about space. It was later discovered that the children were actors. It was intended to increase her likability, however it turned out to be a disaster. She also gave a speech at Vandenberg Space Force Base to military personnel on space as if they were just five years old. She also gave similar remarks at the Artemis Space Launch. Artemis, as well as Harris’ remarks, was unable to launch.

It could be because when it comes to something of importance on Earth, she’s lost in space.

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