Joe Biden Criticized Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, Claiming a New Threat to “Democracy”

While a wild hurricane pounded Florida on Wednesday night, the President attended a fundraiser for the Democratic Governor's Association. That was after a day in which Joe Biden asked where a dead congresswoman was while speaking at an event and got confused while trying to walk off a stage later on at the White House.

The image of Biden talking with the elite of his party while the homes of people were destroyed and disaster came upon the Sunshine State wasn't lost on many of the people who watched. What did Biden discuss?

If you think that Biden continued the rhetoric about threats against “democracy,” which is basically the sole thing Democrats continue to rant about over and over again this election season, you are correct. However, it was what Biden mentioned in his speech as an illustration that caused a stir. He reportedly attacked the rise of Giorgia Meloni by claiming that the events that “happened in Italy” was further evidence of the demise of “democracy” around the globe.

Matt Viser tweeted, “Pres. Biden raised threats to global democracy last night — pointing to Italy.” He quoted Biden as saying, “You just saw what’s happened in Italy in that election. You’re seeing what’s happening around the world. The reason I bother to say that is you can’t be sanguine about what’s happening here either”

For those who are keeping track, we're in a situation where Democrats are able to claim that a democracy-based election, that is voted on by the people, is undemocratic when the “wrong” people win. In this instance, Meloni's right-wing coalition won a massive victory in Italy's election after the left ran the country to the ground.

The lack of self-awareness is so extreme here. It's obvious that you shouldn't say you believe that “democracy” is in danger if you do not respect the outcomes of democratic elections. Is Biden implying that Italy's election was fraudulent? Or is he suggesting that any outcome that is in opposition to the global left is untrue on its own?

Whatever the motivation, the concept Biden promotes isn't “democracy.” It's authoritarianism hidden in meaningless nonsense that disguises itself as respect for liberty. A true democracy won't be able to exist when voters can't pick their representatives free of criticism and soaring proclamations from their supposed superiors, of which Biden is certainly not. A group like the World Economic Forum and the like don't determine who is the government of the people. People do.

In other words, it's the Italian government and Meloni who pose a threat to freedom and democratic governance. Instead, it's the left in general that wants to spread its ideology at any cost even if that is criticizing the choices of the voters who don't conform to their preferences.

The backlash that erupted in Italy is only the beginning. The left has destroyed so much that people considered important. As Biden is slamming Meloni, he's also facing the same issue at home while his Democratic Party falters. The end result is what matters and boasting on and on about “democracy” is going to continue to convince people to vote for their personal interests regardless of whether they're in Europe or in America.

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