DeSantis Warns Would-Be Looters

Florida is now beginning to recover following being hit by hurricane Ian, and Governor Ron DeSantis has a message for anyone who wants to profit from the current situation: You could end up being shot.

DeSantis echoed the sentiment at an interview on Friday, telling people that Florida is a “Second Amendment state,” warning that lawlessness cannot be accepted.

It's a bit absurd that DeSantis needs to make that statement, however there's an abundance of people in the world who believe that they have the ability to steal from those who just lost their lives. It's the most petty of the law and must be dealt with severely. Additionally, if someone will put their life in danger to steal a TV or even a pair of shoes, then that's on their shoulders.

Florida, as well as Texas and a few other states with red hues, have a castle rule. Although you shouldn't randomly shoot someone you spot taking things. If they break into your property and enter your home, they’re out of luck. There's no requirement to stay in the house according to the law, and use of force can be used to defend one's property and self.

However, the notion that looting is inherently bad and should not be tolerated would appear to be common sense, but the left swelled into a mass-hysteria. MSNBC's Joy Reid decided to compare the Florida governor with Segregationist Walter E. Headley.

It seems that if you think Americans have the right to defend their homes and themselves then you're an anti-segregationist racist? That's the idea from Reid, and it makes little sense. Why? Because everything that the left isn't happy with must be racist. They are obsessed and they never pass up an opportunity to create the connection.

But, I'm shocked by the assumptions presented by Reid in her comments. I'm guessing that she is of the opinion that every homeowner is white, and it is believed that every looter in the world is black. In other words, you could encounter a scenario in which a black homeowner shoots an innocent white person. Would that also be racist?

Reid was not the only person who lost their minds, however. There were a lot of other instances.

All of this because DeSantis stated that looting is a crime and can lead to bodily injury. This is absurd however the fact is that it's a signal the Florida man is here. Whatever the man says or does triggers an emotional response by the Left to the point that he now defends self-defense . DeSantis might say that “the sky's blue”, and the left would be lost in their thoughts. This is the way to know if he's in the right place.

DeSantis' ability to control the discussion while making his adversaries appear weak and unprofessional is entertaining to observe. He's the consummate lib-law spokesman and demonstrates extraordinary competence in doing so. There's a reason why he's popular with the right and that the left dreads him to death.

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