Ted Cruz Mocks Biden’s Warning About Price Gouging

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have been a prime target environment for conservative writers since the election in 2020. In the past 10 months, the majority of our posts have basically written themselves. To Texas senator Ted Cruz, it's been an easy stroll through the woods too.

Being Biden, he did not waste time in rushing to warn of the price of gas “gouging” in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Ian. So far as I'm aware, Biden had no evidence to support his ridiculous warning. However Biden, the buck-passer of old, has never had provided evidence, with the exception of recently, blaming “price gouging” as one of his numerous excuses for overpriced gas. Another Biden “gas price hike bogeymen” included Russian leader Vladimir Putin and, hysterically, the Republican Party.

And, Cruz being Cruz, he was able to hammer Biden and Democrats for blaming the rise in inflation and, specifically gas price gouging, on everybody and everything, excluding the catastrophic Biden presidency. In Friday's episode from “The Guy Benson Show” on Fox News Radio, Cruz was able to take to the edge against the hypocrisy and lies in a classic manner. His pertinent comments start around about 6:10.

“It's a lot self-inflicted. Unfortunately, we're witnessing, at present, shameless demagoguery. When you consider the issue of inflation, you will see that it can be attributed to one factor and that's the government's excessive spending of money and borrowing too much and printing way too much money. When you're faced with the sort of situation we've experienced over the past year and a half, which is billions and trillions during an extravagant spending spree, this is the result we're experiencing, which is all-around inflation.”

“The most amazing part is, Guy, Joe Biden campaigned in the campaign for president, he ran vowing to implement exactly that. He stated that he would stop drilling for oil and natural gas offshore and onshore within federal land, and the drilling would be stopped.”

“He made it clear to radical environmentalists that he would make executive orders and regulations to enforce his Green New Deal and to smash the production of oil and gas. That is a pledge that he's committed to. He has made a mess of oil and gas production and, most importantly, placed massive new burdens on producers to obtain credit or equity financing.”

Cruz continued:

“And he's counting on corrupt corporate media to spread the absurd claim that it's the local gas station owner who just suddenly decided that, you know, $5 per gallon is the price I'd like to charge. Evidently, the large oil companies were bad, and they weren't looking to make profits while Donald Trump was President. They didn't want to earn profits while someone else was in office. When Joe Biden was elected president they declared, ‘hot diggity damn we should make some cash.’”

Ted Cruz: 1, Biden and the Democrats: 0. Final score.

As I mentioned in the beginning, Biden blames price-gouging all through his presidency that ended in disaster, and also record inflation (not only in the price of gas) -the president has continued to irritate tens of millions of common Americans. As RedState published in June, Biden declared that the shipping industry is “price gouging,” but his claims were backed by the actual facts. As we have reported on July 1, Biden blames Republicans for the increase in prices, and also in July, he outrageously threatened to apply his emergency power against oil companies.

In fact, Federal Reserve economists have smashed Biden's “oil company profiteering” excuse for high inflation.

The Bottom Line

Biden and the Democrats are trying to put their problems on everything and everyone but them, for one- – make that two, basic motives: the fast-approaching midterm elections and the general election in 2024, namely: the ballot box.

However, as Ted Cruz clearly pointed out, the ship has sailed — and along with it, most likelythe Democratic House majority, and possibly the Senate.

The presidential election in 2024 will be within reach. It's obvious what's to come, don’t you think?

Let’s not screw it up. 

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