Kinzinger Embarrasses Himself with Drunk Tweets

Adam Kinzinger is probably going to awake early on Sunday with a huge hangover since he spent the entire Saturday night tweeting like he was drunk to the point of total shame.

Kinzinger is famous for his tears at House Committee hearings, clowning himself on television, and displaying the Ukrainian flag in front of the American flag on his Twitter account. The situation went from there. And when I say”downhill,” I'm referring to the time he sat on skates and plunged over Pikes Peak.

We'll start from the beginning.

The situation gets more dire, yet even in the first tweet, Kinzinger does his best to make it not seem like nonsense in any way. The polls consistently reveal an overwhelming majority of Republicans favor the sending of military aid to Ukraine. This is especially true for Republican appointed officials. In any case, the majority of those who would like more transparency in relation to how money is allocated aren't “pro-Russian.” The subset of right-wingers who are actively supporting Vladimir Putin is tiny and irrelevant.

Additionally, as has been repeated ad nauseam to sloppy actors all over the world who wish to use the term as what they call the “current thing,” being “pro-life” is about abortion. It's not about the death penalty. It's not about a place to live for the homeless. It's not about conflict in Ukraine. It's about not committing murder of innocent children.

In addition, as of the time I last looked, Kinzinger, while claiming to be “pro-life,” sure has very little to say on the subject to his Democrat acquaintances. He's actually joined in a band with those who favor abortions until the point of birth, without an ounce of criticism. Therefore, not one of us will be receiving any advice on how to be pro-life from that man.

But, it gets worse. The ball really started moving when Dan McLaughlin (a former RedState contributor) inquired of Kinzinger what he was talking about.

McLaughlin's query is far from being unreasonable. What is Putin employing conscripts have to do with pro-life sentiments within the United States? The answer is obvious: nothing, and yet Kinzinger is an obsessive man, who has to attempt to connect everything he doesn't like to his political foes. It's a sign that he is mentally weak for a person who's unable to formulate an argument in a way that can be understood.

That is the reason Kinzinger has a response in which he employs the expression “you all” to accuse pro-life Americans of supporting Vladimir Putin. McLaughlin is a staunch pro-Ukraine Democrat and has been so for the entire time I've been around him. But, again, the inability to construct an argument that is coherent is what's important. Kinzinger is a shrewd idiot and also an individual who is excessively over-indulged in his own mind. He isn't able to imagine that people who are in agreement with him about Ukraine can still consider his attacks absurd and illogical, which is why he attacks like he's in Mean Girls.

In the midst of this Kinzinger's absurd assertions, he made the decision to throw further chips in the middle, because he's not capable of self-reflection, and won’t admit his failure.

It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that this person cannot even come up with his historical analogies right or that the only one who has ever think of the idea of comparing everything with Nazi Germany. Here's a tip for the eminent congressman: The 1938 moment isn't really a moment when Russia has already been invaded. With Putin's current troubles following his first incursion, it's more of an event from 1943 in the Eastern Front.

The main point is that Kinzinger is simply wrong on everything.

In a state of complete defeat, Kinzinger finally moved to respond to the online responses that all too many people do: He looked for a McLaughlin's follower who didn't like Ukraine.

Yeah… The fact is that the @baseballcrank followers are in line to that of the “ww3” group. Don't stand for anything…

— Adam Kinzinger (@AdamKinzinger) October 2, 2022

For someone who has a tiny Twitter account in comparison with other commentators on politics (about 25k followers), no one is accountable for what random users publish on the internet. This is not just insane, in fact, it's akin to fascism. Maybe Kinzinger ought to look at himself in the mirror when he rants about a 1938 incident as he sits on a fraud committee that seeks to punish individuals for their freedom of speech. 

What's it all about? When you look at it this way, Kinzinger is both unhinged and a gambler. His political career has come to an end following the fact that his Democrat allies pushed him out of Congress. One could think that his change over the past few years was specifically designed to avoid this fate, however, now we're here. He's going to need somewhere to go, isn't he?

And somewhere there is an opportunity to be a contributor at MSNBC. Kinzinger is dancing to make nickels. That's the story behind his recent rants. It's nothing more complex than this.

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