Why Does McConnell Want to Be Senate Minority Leader?

Cocaine Mitch is a curious person. It’s easy to understand why he's worried about what he considers to be the “quality” of some Republican Senate candidates. They're not top choices but they're the options on the ballots. Trump’s decision not to be a complete supporter of the candidates he's chosen does not make sense either. It's as if the man is a Manchurian candidate, and he's trying to keep his status as a minority, so it's possible to tuck in behind the podium and make some occasional speeches on the Dems rubbish policies.

Mitch McConnell has been averse to spending money in races he believes aren't winnable; however, it appears that the majority of races for Senate are able to easily be won by Republicans. He should stop the negative speech and resign. In any case, there's no other choice now. Spend and possibly win (maybe) -or you don't and you’ll most likely lose. McConnell is the one who holds the purse's strings. McConnell must open his wallet and spend money like a drunken sailor.

The current method of reserving cash for poor candidates will certainly lead to a Democratic-controlled Senate.

Stop following your nose Mitch. Continue to be a pain in the back for the Dems. Locate those (less) than Cocaine Mitch who prevented Merrick Garland from securing the lifetime Supreme Court seat. Stop being led down an incline with Chuck and his band of thugs.

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