Joe Biden’s Trip to Puerto Rico Goes Haywire

Joe Biden appeared in Puerto Rico on Monday to give remarks and promise assistance following the recent storm that hit the island. Biden also had some mind-boggling things to say.

According to his reactions to the incident, it was meant to have been a joke, but it’s hard to determine what the punchline was. When I look at Jill Biden's face and expression, it's not like she's able to do it either. The president says random, boring things and then looks around hoping that people will smile. Most of the time, they do, however, this was particularly odd since there was nothing of a joke being told.

In the following moment of embarrassment, Biden claimed that he had been “raised in the Puerto Rican community at home.”

This is just one of the instances that has been previously mentioned where the president is trying to convey something that makes him appear to be all things to all. One day Biden will claim that he was part of the Civil Rights movement and the next day, he'll boast that he was arrested alongside Nelson Mandela after fighting the name of Corn Pop. Also, Biden was once driving an 18-wheeler when going to shul more often than Jews do. Of course, none of this is really true, which is the norm with regard to any statement Biden claims.

This pandering tactic is particularly odd, however, considering the fact that Puerto Rico falls under the First Circuit Court of Appeals and has since 1915. In the clip the judge claims that he has been to Puerto Rico for “business” as a lawyer for the Third Circuit. This isn't logical.

The more charitable interpretation of his comment is that he actually said that the third circuit's physical location is located in the Puerto Rican area of Philadelphia, however it's a far distance from having been “raised in the Puerto Rican community.” In addition, it's not clear that Biden had a lot of time as an attorney working regardless of the context. Biden has been a politician for a long time.

The question is who approved the telling of this story? It's because whoever did it gave the foundation for Biden to create a false story about the background. It's not a good impression, though. 

In the next section, it would not be a Biden speech without moments of confusion. In one instance, Biden spoke about New York sending a congresswoman the island of Puerto Rico but also state troopers or something. 

Then there was this red flag moment when the president attempted to pronounce the word “Salud” in Spanish. It didn't go according to plan.

The man is totally disengaged and states that every time he steps up in front of the camera. While his wife, who is incredibly ambitious, persists to push him around even though you observe her expression that she is aware of what's happening. It's a bizarre scene that should not be missed by anyone American.

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