Kanye and Candace Owens Wear White Lives Matter T-Shirts

The singer who was formerly known by the name Kanye West could teach conservatives on how to trigger the Left without having to sweat.

Now legally referred to legally as “Ye,” the mogul rapper designer, political disruptor, and raconteur became well-known for his musical style. Now, Ye is famous for his adherence to MAGA as well as the “Sunday Service” religious fervor and his latest foray to politics as well as his troubled union with Kim Kardashian. The year 2013 saw Ye made headlines by releasing the $120 white T-shirt that he was offering for the pre-sale of the merger of his Yeezy company and French company A.P.C.

The shirt sold out in a matter of hours.

However, Monday's drama went far over the top and the chaos has been awe-inspiring.

Ye was on the red carpet in Paris to attend Fashion Week and did a surprise performance for the launch of his Yeezy Season 9 collection. Ye and his guest Candace Owens from The Daily Wire both sported long-sleeved shirts with the words, “White Lives Matter.”

Evidently, models in his style also wore similar shirt designs.

Page Six: 

Kanye West has made an announcement.

The rapper hosted the surprise Yeezy Fashion show last Monday night in Paris, showcasing his Season 9 collection to a lot of acclaim.

The models were on stage before the show, and West gave a speech in the “White Lives Matter” T-shirt that featured the Pope's name on the front, and the same flip-flops with a bedazzled design that a model wore last week.

It seems like this is a broader issue than Ye wearing the MAGA Hat and his visit to the Trump White House. People are really triggered.

The lack of melanin as well as the notion that Ye believes that these people are important is the main issue for this crowd. They might have offered Ye the side-eye if his shirt had read, “All Lives Matter,” but the purpose of the message has caused heads to explode. One blue check publication was unable to consult a dictionary prior to tweeting to find the meaning of, “fascism.” The last time I looked it up, Ye was not part of the federal government, or even a part of the government. Yeezy does not appear to be a brand that is recognized by the federal government. But, Ye is stupid rich and knows how to earn (and retain) his money. Ye is also able to flip the bird around at certain points, but without actually flipping the bird.

Ye's address prior to the fashion runway was a free association, just as his style.

He referred to the ex-wife Kim Kardashian's role in the 2016 Paris Robbery as well as his former boss Scooter Braun's challenges with which he was confronted when he first entered in the industry of fashion, the recent dispute with Gap, and much more.

“I am Ye, and everyone here knows that I am the leader,” the man said at one time when referring to his legal name change. “You can't manage me.”

Ye is certainly an exemplary leader and completely unpredictable, which makes it all the more delightful and why the Left is experiencing conniption-like fits. In 2005, when “Kanye” was screaming on television that President George W. Bush hates white people, he was greeted with cheers and applause.

Then Ye publicly embraced Bad Orange Man. The Left blamed him for mental illnesses, and then acted like he was suffering from an infectious disease. They were unable to kill him quickly enough or loudly enough. He was on the reservation and needed to be detained.

They failed due to that rich and stupid part and also the fact that Ye lives his life as he does and doesn't need approval. No matter how much you like him or dislike him, he'll stick to the beliefs he holds. You might have dissociated him in opposition to Trump as well as the MAGA affiliations; however, he's vocal about freedom of speech as well as the dangers of abortion..

USA Today gave more attention to his speech and business goals:

“He added at a later level: ‘People feel like they have the right to come to my face and call me crazy, like it doesn't hurt my feelings, or like you don't have to be crazy in order to change the world.’”

The fashion designer and rapper has been in the news over the past month due to the open breakup between him and Gap. He also told Vogue Business in an interview that was published on Monday, ahead of the event that he is planning to run Yzy as an integrated vertical company. ” Even George Lucas had issues with Disney,” he said to the publication. “And now we're here, and Yzy is established on its own.”

The popular social media platform called #BlackTwitter has been in a frenzy. Ye has substituted mythical creatures and famous people playing historic artifacts as the focus of their flaming tweets.

Don't be a jerk, Larry Elder, now Ye is the new Black Face of White Supremacy.

Ye is on a different level, and is very like Elon Musk. Ye is awash with F-U money as well as creativity and credibility to make it no matter what others think. Like he stated earlier, he is not able to be controlled.

Ye can also be described as a smart businessman. You can't make an estimated Net value that is 6.6 billion and increasing without this kind of knowledge. As with Musk, Ye is adept in influencing his fans and using the press to gain attention. Every comment regarding his fashion show is seeking a “statement” about the tees. It's not difficult to understand that Ye got more from advertising and marketing than he spent on Madison Avenue to get. The reality that Ye is looking for a new deal after ending his contract with Gap shouldn't be ignored by anyone who is watching. This decision will weed out the crowd for the only true people who believe in the have to sign up.

Smart and a little Savage.

Once Ye is able to secure the retail partnership he's seeking, we'll find out if his claim goes beyond marketing and turns into a movement.

It's not as if it hasn't been done before.

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