Kari Lake Takes Apart “Unhinged” Katie Hobbs, Schools Her on Handling the Press

Sometimes a politician consistently makes the right choices and all you have to do is to respect the game. Kari Lake is like that. She eliminated all doubts regarding her in the primary election to launch one of the top campaigns of the year.

This past Sunday, Lake schooled a journalist on abortion issues by defending the importance of life and decry the radicalism of her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs. On Tuesday, however, she was masterful when she spoke to a press crowd keen to pose “gotcha” questions. Lake transformed into a word ninja by cutting Hobbs and shaming the press at the same time.

The beginning of the video shows Lake noting the fact that Hobbs had been “twice convicted of being a racist.” Then this statement drives “fact-checkers” mad, but the rhetorical technique is clear. It's not true. Hobbs wasn't convicted of a crime since being a racist does not constitute an offense. She was, however, a senator who testified against an African-American woman who later obtained a settlement for discrimination against the Arizona Senate. Indeed, Hobbs was so involved that she offered an apology to herself for her conduct in 2021. In the final verdict, the jury gave $2.75 million as damages. The majority of the money hasn't been paid yet, but it will be.

Lake was later asked the reason Hobbs will not debate with her and she shrewdly said it was the only governor debate that a candidate decided not to participate in. Lake said that If Hobbs believes she is a “conspiracy theorist,” then she's supposed to confront her. Instead, the Democrat is prone to claim that she could be targeted. This person wanted to be the governor of a state and can’t handle the potential of being yelled at?

Next, Lake recounts how she was at the Univision forum the previous night and Hobbs was so afraid that she demanded they put up drapes in order to make sure the two contestants remained apart. Hobbs also demanded that both candidates park on separate sides of the building so that they wouldn't be able to see each other entering the building. As Lake states, Hobbs' behavior is “unhinged.”

Then the interview turns to a discussion about the ways in which Hobbs will be incompetent to defend Arizona. “Kristi Noem would eat her up and spit her out,” Lake said. After that, Lake began to discuss the racist argument again, and then ends with the crowd chanting.

All that being said, it is unclear what Hobbs’ strategy is. Hobbs is the GOAT, however, her campaign's strategy is ridiculous. She doesn't even debate, and she tries to make it appear as if her opponent is infectious. She doesn’t say anything other than to repeat “abortion” over and over like the nation's economic difficulties are non-existent. She exceeded even the highest expectations at being a terrible candidate.

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