Missile from North Korea Launched Towards Japan

North Korea, which according to Vice President Kamala Harris is our ally, appears to be frustrated with Ukraine and Russia receiving all the attention from the world in recent days. In the wake of this, Kim Jong-un as well as the Pyongyang party group have stepped up their massive fireworks show in recent days to remind the world that they're still around. So far, the most notable event is the launch of a missile on Tuesday 4, in Japan's northeastern region before it landed in the Pacific Ocean east of Japan. The missile's launch was followed by an alert from the Japanese Cabinet of the Prime Minister to those living within the missile's path of flight informing them to seek shelter.

Source: NHK News:

Kisihda Fumio, the Japanese Prime Minister, said “We have a strong objection to the launch as an abominable action. To address the issue I have directed officials to investigate any damages that could be caused by fallen objects and to carefully collect and analyze data and work with our allies.”

FOX News adds the following:

“The test is the fifth of a series of weapon tests conducted by North Korea in the past 10 days. It was considered to be an apparent response to military exercises conducted in the region between South Korea and the United States. North Korea views such drills as a rehearsal for an invasion.”

The news is hard to digest without thinking back to the days of snarky tweets and cheap fuel in the days before President Trump surprised everyone except those who are able to comprehend his tactics by offering his hand to Kim Jong Un as the head of the country and not just a crazy dwarf. It is possible to achieve great results when you extend a hand to a tyrant and a sly smile that you can shake or push them down if they are in a bad manner; they have the option of choosing. Diplomacy using the stick or carrot is a long-standing staple of business, but Trump elevated it to a new level.

It's not unreasonable to think that North Korea's recent increased missile activities are at the very least in response to Biden saying that the United States would actively defend Taiwan should China strike. Kim Jong-un truly believes South Korea as well as that the United States would love to invade North Korea to unify North and South by a hard way. A BTS concert at Kim Il-sung Square is more likely. With Biden screaming at every turn, regardless of how many insufferable social justice warrior liars have diminished our army, it's no reason to wonder that Pyongyang is playing the game.

Another thing to note is that Japan is actively increasing its military capabilities in response to China's growing aggression towards Taiwan. The month of August, 2022, saw Japan as well as Israel adopt active measures towards a greater military cooperation across multiple areas, including research. In light of Japan along with Korea's horrible historical past, the logic suggests that North Korea wants to keep Japan on its toes.

Snark and sarcasm aside, we live in an era of danger. Biden is a cruel prank and his puppeteers do not hesitate to express their hatred of America. There is currently no real leader who can mobilize international support for the ones who seek to destroy. It's a risk to think that Kim Jong-un's actions are nothing more than attempting to earn propaganda points. The situation requires the fullest attention and one should only hope that the situation isn't a literal nuclear meltdown.

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