Politico Tries to Hit DeSantis and Fails

You can tell you're over the limit when you're receiving criticism. Democrats are terrified of Ron DeSantis. Democrats such as Rebekah Jones have claimed that DeSantis's COVID claim was fabricated even though her assertions were extensively disproved. Whatever the case, Democrats still hold her with the same respect as Joan of Arc. Charlie Crist has done little more than lie about DeSantis following his election. For example, Crist claimed that DeSantis has not been adamant about the J6 protests. This was a flat-out falsehood. Even Politico said it was an untruth. Biden along with his two press secretaries have lied and spit at DeSantis. Why? It's because Ron DeSantis is a threat. Since he poses a risk, the Democrats in control of Washington as well as the media are mobilizing the troops.

Politico published a hit piece on Monday claiming that Florida was the first state to request federal funds for disaster relief. Politico made the request as a way of attacking DeSantis. It alerted the public with the following tweet that was absurd.

“The President's wallet”? Federal disaster relief funds are certainly not “the President's money” -every cent of federal aid going to aid Florida is the money of the people, not Joe Biden's. It's an openly politically partisan attack, which was swiftly ridiculed on Twitter. Christina Pushaw's reply was spot-on and appropriate.

Politico isn't renowned for their fair coverage, but they did not fail to impress with their article released on Monday. 

“Gov. Ron DeSantis has been a frequent opponent on behalf of the president Joe Biden on nearly every policy point as he strives towards a possible presidential bid in 2024. However, Ron DeSantis, the Florida Republican, has one thing he likes about Biden: the wallet.”

What does blaming Biden for his objectively unsound policies have to have to do with disaster relief? Nothing, of course. The article, which does not contain a single hyperlink to back up any assertion contained within it, continues:

“Florida is now poised to benefit from billions of dollars in additional federal assistance to grapple with the devastating damage left by Hurricane Ian, which could bring a staggering $40 billion of insured losses.”

Benefit? Florida will be clean-up for years after this catastrophe – “benefit” is a poor phrase, but the writer, Matt Dixon, claims that Biden has his own “wallet” to help with the cleanup and recovery process It would therefore be in line with Dixon's theme of benevolent benefactors.

However, it wasn't all partisan or ridiculous. Dixon did quote a line from his most likely “go-to source,” a Democrat in the Florida House of Representatives:

“Ironically, while DeSantis has attacked Biden, he's benefited from his administration,” said Florida Democratic state Rep. Anna Eskamani, who is a frequent critic of the governor. “The continuous criticism of President Joe Biden by Governor Ron DeSantis has always been politically inspired .”

Also, there isn't an iota of reference to any claim within the piece written by Dixon. Dixon states that Florida transported illegal immigrants on a flight to Martha's Vineyard, and claimed:

“Gov. Ron DeSantis employed $615,000 for the transportation of around fifty mostly Venezuelan refugees across Texas to Martha's Vineyard.”

It could be the case, but in the case of WKBN ( a Florida news channel) the truth is not there. It stated:

“615,00 dollars from the Florida Department of Transportation for the “relocation program of unauthorized aliens.” It's not clear if the money was used to pay for those Martha's Vineyard flights.”

I know that governments aren't always efficient, however flights between Texas to Massachusetts by using two private jets shouldn't cost more than $300,000 for a flight. This isn't the case at all. Pentagon and peanuts aren't the same amount. 

Dixon also threw an attack on DeSantis while the two were in Congress. He was against legislation for disasters that was intended to aid in Hurricane Sandy relief because it was actually a slush fund for spending more on other things that did not require disaster relief. Matt has left it out. There is no link provided.

Politico affirms that it is non-partisan reporting. On the site:

“POLITICO is determined to be the leading source of information on policies and politics in power centers on every continent , where accurate information, non-partisan journalism, and tools that are real-time enable us to inform, engage, and educate an international citizenry.” (emphasis added)

Not quite, Politico. 

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