The Left is Angered Over DeSantis’ White Boots as the Key Post-Hurricane Storylines Get Destroyed

One of the most important slogans that the Left (and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media) is “never let a crisis go to waste.” The left wasted no time at all after Hurricane Ian in blaming Ron DeSantis for what they considered inadequacies when it came to handling evacuation orders and in how he's managed the rebuilding process.

Certain “news” outlets even strangely accused DeSantis of accepting federal funding as cleanup initiatives begin.

In yet another indication of how DeSantis has completely defeated his opponents, the Left has spent a lot of time over the past few days trying to denigrate the well-known Florida governor when he wore what appeared to be white rubber boots when he visited the areas that were hit by the storm. The underlying point was that they were sparkling and clean and that they clearly indicated that the governor didn't get his hands (or feet) dirty. They decided that he just wanted to use it as a photo opportunity.

To clarify, these boots are referred to as “muck boots” and they are reportedly frequent in some parts in the Sunshine State, especially after devastating hurricanes struck. Or in every other region of the country following heavy rains.

“The white boots DeSantis was wearing are muck boots,” tweeted Twitter user Just Mindy. “Florida is a swamp & many bodies of water have a muck bottom. Because of flooding, there is muck in affected areas. Floridians wear muck boots in those places. His muck boots look clean because they are easily rinse[d] when done.”

In addition, the unhinged claim that DeSantis “shut down” relief efforts to accommodate his visit was thoroughly discredited by officials from the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office:

“Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and DeSoto County Sheriff Potter traveled by boat through areas in DeSoto tragically affected by Hurricane Ian.

While they discussed plans moving forward, operations have stayed rolling the entire time. Citizens have received ice and various resources within the city, and supply operations on the river have been non-stop.

Thank you for your patience, DeSoto!! #DESOTOSTRONG #FLORIDASTRONG”

When this happens, it is amazing to see how Democrats and the media jump to “pounce and seize” mode prior to or after mass shootings and natural disasters to criticize Republicans to gain political points. It was evident in Florida before the hurricane and it's still happening since to the Left, respectable pauses during political debates aren't permitted.

The Left is trying to make this DeSantis' “Katrina” moment, but instead they've made themselves part of the problem. If the most they can offer in their criticism of DeSantis at the moment is that his boots are white and that he's spent long periods of time in affected areas talking to people, then he's doing things right.

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