After Attacks From The View, Dana Loesch Explains the Brutal Truth in Monologue

It's quite a treat to learn moral lessons from hosts of “The View,” some of the most morally unpalatable people on daytime TV. The hosts of the show have been involved in racial discrimination, false virtue signaling, outright lying, and hypocrisy, but they seem to think they know the right and moral values in the world.

These women who attacked Dana Loesch would be hilarious if they weren't so deplorable.

“The View” hosts attacked Loesch after the host of the conservative radio show stood up for Herschel Walker. Walker was targeted from the left after claims that he'd arranged for an abortion in 2009 started circulated due to an article by the Daily Beast.

Loesch stated that If Walker made use of funds from his personal account to pay a “skank” for an abortion then she'd still choose him over his Democrat rival, Raphael Warnock, who is adamant about using the public's money to fund unlimited abortions.

The ladies on “The View” spent time on their show to express their opinions and to shake their finger at Loesch. However, the main they did was to support abortion. Alyssa Farah even called Loesch the “moral rot that's taking over my party.”

Loesch initially reacted on Twitter and directly tweeted to Host Whoopie Goldberg “I refuse to coddle or celebrate irresponsible women who use abortion as birth control. I’m right, so get over it. That you’re angrier over that than murder speaks volumes about your character.”

However, she wasn't done.

Loesch delivered her monologue on her own platform, in which she proclaimed an uncompromising truth. There are a lot of women out there using abortions as a method of birth control. She's not removing the stigma of “skank” from these women.

“I play hardball and if you don't like it, then go find a sissy,” she added.

Loesch stated that she's “forthright” about things and she said that not everyone is going to agree with her.

“I’ll be damned if I use kitten and sunshine language for women who celebrate the wreckless behavior of women who treat abortion as birth control,” she added. “And that’s exactly what I’m talking about.”

“So yes, when you engage in reckless promiscuity, that is skank behavior,” said Loesch. “You’re behaving like a skank.”

Loesch said that the fact that we look at this type of behavior as it is does not make what it less real. Furthermore, the negative connotation associated with “skank” is indeed negative because it is used to refer to negative behaviors and that the same can be applied to males.

Loesch changed gears later and pointed out the hypocrisy in women telling men that they don't have a say in the abortion issue for years, while demanding accountability from men about children.

“You gotta pick a narrative here, ladies,” said Loesch.

Loesch reiterated her position and ended by telling the hosts of “The View” that if her remarks are more offensive than the murder of children, then they should examine their hearts.

Loesch is correct. The truth is that only one to 3 percent of the abortions performed are considered medically needed, and well over 90% are carried out due to economic or social reasons. This is consistent with the concept of abortion as a means for birth control. The types of situations that are commonly employed by the left to excuse abortions are extremely uncommon, however abortion used as a correctional measure following a night of uncontrolled sexual activity isn't.

How, then, is Loesch not right?

“The View” probably won’t have Loesch on the program to discuss these issues in person.

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