DC Deputy Mayor Charged With Assault and Mayor Muriel Bowser Gives Refuses to Respond When Confronted

The deputy mayor of Washington, DC has been detained and accused of battery and assault. Fox 5 reported that Chris Geldart grabbed a man's neck during a dispute in the parking lot of a Gold's Gym in Arlington, VA.

Mayor Muriel Bowser was asked about the incident by reporter Sierra Fox, and she attempted to show Bowser the video. Bowser said she'd be watching the video later before stating that she would not be responding to Fox 5 with a comment.

Bowser has seen a dramatic decline of the city she runs with an increase in homelessness and crime. DC is also in the middle of a relocation program of illegals from Texas and other states on the border, prompting protests from the city's top officials. The capital of the United States was previously declared to be a “sanctuary city.”

In light of all that, this scandal has come to light and there's no sign that Bowser is taking this seriously. Later, she stated that the issue was being investigated, even as Geldart was away on leave, but she attempted to minimize what transpired. Here's the statement that she gave to Fox 5 after the incident in the hallway.

The Mayor’s Office just sent me this statement: “We take any accusations seriously and are reviewing the matter. While it is under review, Deputy Mayor Geldart is on leave. Unfortunately, it sounds like something that happens to a lot of people—a dispute over something minor.”

I'm not sure how this conflict being the result of something minor is pertinent. In the event that the mayor's deputy has committed battery and assault, then there are penalties that are the same, no matter the circumstances. It is unclear how Bowser will eventually act on this issue. 

DC is home to a street that is named after the fraudulent Black Lives Matter organization. You cannot park your vehicle on the street, use the subway, or stroll around at night without risking the possibility of being targeted by criminals. 

The nation’s most liberal city (92 percent were in support of Joe Biden in 2020) will probably continue to slide into chaos as long as the same people are in power. There are a lot of citizens there who chose this by siding with the Left, so major changes probably won’t be coming soon.

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