Joe Biden Surveyed the Damage in Florida, But One Moment with Ron DeSantis was Epic

A week after Hurricane Ian devastated the southwest of Florida, and just days after it was reported that MSM and Democrats started to attempt to make the hurricane governor Ron DeSantis' “Katrina” moment, President Joe Biden arrived alongside First Lady Jill Biden and met with DeSantis and Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis. They also toured some of the affected areas, met with residents looking to rebuild, and held a press conference.

New footage from Biden's visit revealed a lengthy and possibly civil exchange between DeSantis and Biden, before they left in order to start their journey.

In the press conference, Biden made sure to give “climate change” a mention in his speech, declaring Ian “ended … the discussion” regarding whether it actually existed.

One moment stole the show.

While DeSantis addressed the media, he did it on a podium with the seal of the president as Biden watched.

One can't help but think … could this be a hint of future events? DeSantis looked good in front of that seal. Contrary to the present Oval Office incumbent, who shrewdly made Hurricane Ian an opportunity for political games prior to the hurricane and called local mayors from Florida but not DeSantis himself until DeSantis publicly confirmed to the media that he didn't hear from Biden before the storm hit land.

Speculation has been made about whether or not DeSantis will run for the presidency in 2024. While he and his team haven't said they're contemplating it, they haven't completely denied the possibility and have stated when asked that the issue they're currently focusing on is DeSantis running for reelection.

With the former President Donald Trump still making his views known, the mainstream media is contemplating the possibility of an DeSantis/Trump primary contest in the near future because nothing pleases the Left more than to witness a Republican Party fracture ahead of the next presidential election.

It's too early to tell whether this scenario is going to play out, however if they both get involved in the race, hopefully it isn’t too fracturing because the one thing that can't happen again is for Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris or any other candidate from side of the Democrat side) to be elected to another term as president. There's a lot at stake.

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