Another CNN Anchor Reportly on “Leave” After “Investigation”

It appears that there could be another change at CNN coming up and this time it's Jim Sciutto.

It seems like there are some juicy details, based on the information that has been released to date.

The Daily Mail reported Sciutto was told to leave to attend to a “personal situation” after a “serious fall” that he suffered while on holiday in Amsterdam at the beginning of this year. The final Newsroom show he hosted along with Poppy Harlow was on Monday. CNN isn't answering questions about what it's all about. The journalist also posted the article in CNN on the 3rd of October about the possibility of nuclear escalation from Russia within Ukraine.

Earlier this week, The Daily Beast’s Confider newsletter reported that Sciutto “was the subject of a CNN internal investigation earlier this year…after he had a serious fall in Amsterdam enroute home from a reporting trip to the Ukraine” with a unidentified producer even though CNN had their teams “taking direct flights home from Poland.”

The question is: what was he doing in Amsterdam with the “unidentified producer” if the CNN crew flew directly home from Poland? Confider reports that Sciutto has “recovered” from the fall. Another question to ask would be, what was he doing that they're taking issue with?

Sciutto has been married for a while to the former ABC News correspondent Gloria Rivera. He traveled to Ukraine earlier during the year, in February, March, and April.

The mysterious departure of Sciutto is just one of the latest developments in the ongoing CNN drama.

Since the company's CEO Chris Licht has taken control with a stated goal to bring CNN back to focusing on the news again, he has sacked Jeff Zucker, Brian Stelter and John Harwood. He also changed Don Lemon to the morning slot, and his final evening show is scheduled for the 7th of October. He'll co-anchor the morning show along alongside Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins. Alysn Camerota and Laura Coates will take over his nighttime slot.

Sciutto was the past Obama Chief of Staff, and he was awful at his job. So he's unlikely to be missed for a while. It's not known how long this “leave” (or was it a suspension?) will last. There's a lot more that's not being reported about what transpired in Amsterdam. It is possible that it involves an unidentified producer, and they're unhappy over the situation. The details are likely to begin to leak out after this story has been brought out. Neither CNN or Sciutto is discussing it at the moment. It's bound to leak.

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