Fetterman’s Confusion is Evident in New Comments

John Fetterman has been facing many problems, including health issues, radical policies, and an inability to appear for many of his past jobs as lieutenant governor and the mayor of Braddock.

However, Fetterman is now causing people to have more questions about his health with his most recent comments. Fetterman and his staff should be honest and start giving full details about his health condition and also allow people to speak with his doctors.

Fetterman discussed the Senate race with Dr. Mehmet Oz, his Republican opponent. He doesn't even call it a “race” and his statements were confusing.

“We already knew that this is going to be a tight race,” Fetterman stated at an event for volunteers. “And we’ve always been running like this is down 5 points because we know what the stake is at the race here.”

It's evident that he's struggling with his mental coherence. That’s not meant to attack him, but it's exactly what the evidence shows. He believes that he's involved in a “rice” rather than a race. He's unable to string words together in a coherent manner, and if he wishes to be elected senator he has to be in the capacity to perform the job. It's not an easy task, even with excellent health. Fetterman already had problems performing his duties as Mayor and Lieutenant Governor, even prior to the stroke. He's not doing well and this should be a concern for all of us, especially considering how Joe Biden’s issues with coherence are regularly an issue. We shouldn't let problems such as this go ignored. Democrats do not care the slightest bit, as we witnessed with Biden. They'll hide all issues in order to gain the control.

Breitbart News reported that National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Jonathan Turcotte said that Fetterman is not able to carry out the duties expected of a senator, such as “speaking in complete sentences for one.” Turcotte said, “Fetterman continues to mislead voters about his health. He should be transparent for once and release his medical records immediately.”

Fetterman only says that he is getting better, and he refuses to reveal his medical records so voters can verify this. How anyone could support him for this one issue alone, let alone the other reasons he is a poor choice to be in the position, is unclear. At this point, no one should support him.

In the primary race, Fetterman's opponent Malcolm Kenyatta said that Fetterman refused to apologize and acknowledge the actions he took when he pulled out the shotgun on the black jogger. He also said that he would like to question him at the time, as it was uncommon to see Fetterman in a debate. This is another time when Fetterman does not show up.

Fetterman claimed that it didn’t happen.

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