Cartoon Shows Mark Kelly Floating Away

If you're unaware, Mark Kelly is here to remind you. Mark Kelly was in the military. Naval Aviator and a NASA astronaut. I

His Twitter bio highlights what he thinks is essential. The order in which he ranks them:

Combat veteran

NASA vet

Husband to Gabby Gifford

U.S. Senator

After Kelly was destroyed in the debate by Blake Masters in Arizona's one and only senatorial debate, Kelly quickly moved to the second position.

“Oh Oh! Blake? Do you think that you know how to win the wars? I was a pilot in combat missions during the First Gulf War! I'm more familiar with fighting battles than you!”

It's a lazy, uninformed response that is not relevant to the policy position. Kelly was a servant. Super. His undergraduate degree was in marine engineering at the Merchant Marine Academy. He received his master's diploma from the aeronautical engineer. He did not attend Annapolis, nor did Kelly go to his time at Naval War College. It’s confusing to understand how he could be considered an expert in defense policy.

Kelly was warm headed towards the spotlight at the time of the debate. He wasn't well-prepared and got struck in the sand. He was unable to defend his positions and his attempts at snark were met with a slap. Kelly's most embarrassing moment came when he claimed he had been completely focused on the border from “day one”. Masters' response was expertly composed:

“We have a wide-open southern border, so if that's the best you can do, I respectfully request you resign.”


Kelly is a distinguished professional which enables him to write at least a book. The only thing his resume did not assist with was understanding policies or defending Biden's shortcomings. The two years he spent in the Senate suggests he's the typical Biden untruther. It's a Biden rubber stamp that has to be removed.

The polls indicate that Masters is still behind Kelly. What this means is that those who voted did not follow the debate. Kelly seemed lost in the void.

Thank you for all your help Captain Kelly. Now, go away.

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