Hobbs Fails in Town Hall After Avoiding Kari Lake

As RedState reported on Saturday, an edgy scene played out during a town hall meeting in Arizona following the fact that Republican Kari Lake was at the event. Democrat Katie Hobbs, who is running for governor against Lake, became agitated and refused to get out of her room to meet her opponent. Then, Lake left the premises after being requested to leave by the organizers.

Perhaps Hobbs could stay in the green room, since once she stepped onto her place on stage, the situation went more downhill.

Hobbs has not gotten into a debate with Lake and has even gone so far that she has made sure she and Lake are not at the same venue. However, a lot of organizations hosting the events have given in to her demands and have done what they would not do if a Republican was making these demands. Whatever the case, if you've been looking for the reason why Hobbs isn't getting near Lake, this clip gives the answers in stunning color. She's an awful politician, a classic Karen, and clearly not suitable to be a primetime character.

If you are unable to watch the video, Hobbs is asked a simple question regarding what she's learned from the Latino community that comprises one-third of the state's population during her time as a government official. In the world of softball, it's not getting any less soft. And it was not the case that the presenter was trying to confuse her. There are many options for a competent politician to answer this question even if they were not anticipating to do so. Hobbs could have said that she is proud of the family culture Latinos are known for as well as their religious devotion to their values, their dedication to work, or even how delicious the food they eat is. 

Instead of throwing those straightforward pitches that can be lobbed across the plate, Hobbs put together a word salad that would have delighted Kamala Harris. Hobbs suggested that she does not think of things that way and that she has taken lessons from everyone, an obvious tactic in order to gain time to find a better way to respond. If the host asked her questions she was completely unresponsive and replied with the word “uh” before finally fumbling out a somewhat acceptable answer on the importance of work.

It is shocking how unnatural Hobbs looks at events. If you had to show a photo of her with her policies outlined beside it 9 out of 10 people would assume she’s running for the office of Oregon. Nothing about her declares “Arizona.” By contrast, when you listen to Lake talk, she focuses on the Latino culture which is certain that she'd have answered the right answer to the Latino community straight out of the park.

Arizonans should consider this another reason why Hobbs isn't worthy of their vote. Hobbs can't take even the slightest bit of pressure, which is the reason she's spent the past year (both in the general and primary elections) absconding from any difficult questions. Imagine her having to make a deal for the state on its behalf. It's a total catastrophe. Because of that, in addition to other reasons, Lake is the better option.

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