John Kirby Displays Weakness as North Korea’s Threats Increase

North Korea fired a missile over Japan this week, which set off an alarm to residents living in Hokkaido.

It didn't reach Hokkaido, but it traveled across Japan and dropped into the ocean in a matter of minutes.

They also launched two ballistic missiles Sunday, making residents of the region anxious as Japan warned that this shouldn't be allowed to continue.

What's Joe Biden doing about this escalation? He sparked an uproar when he said that we were getting closer to nuclear Armageddon than we've ever been due to Vladimir Putin. However, Biden and the White House had to walk the talk and say that there was no new evidence to suggest that Putin was in any way closer to making use of nuclear weapons. If reporters wanted to question Biden about the issue, Biden fled into his helicopter.

However, even though it seems that the White House is so focused on Russia and pouring all its money into Ukraine, are they considering the possibility of a raging war at the helm of North Korea? If we have leaders who are weak, and bad actors become brave, this could be what's happening in North Korea.

On the program “This Week” Sunday, ABC News' Martha Raddatz interviewed the White House's Coordinator of Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, John Kirby. Kirby's response was generally uninformed. Kirby said they had told those North Koreans that “we are willing to sit down with them without preconditions.”

He claims that Kim Jong Un “has decided not to take us up on that offer.” Therefore, Kim is merely dismissing them at this moment. Kirby discusses being prepared in the region, and also a boost to U.S. intelligence. However, as you can see from the interview, it appears that Kirby is calling on North Korea to talk. Kirby is losing his face, particularly following the fact that North Korea escalated by firing the missile at Japan. Raddatz asks Kirby some pertinent questions, for instance, what was it that he did which was different and could alter the situation. But Kirby's response isn't as good.

This isn't the only time Kirby has displayed insecurities. When recently asked about the Chinese government purchasing property within the United States around military installations, Kirby simply said that he wasn't sure what was at stake and his primary problem wasn't about real property.

It's not only him, it's the entire administration.

Raddatz also spoke with Admiral Mike Mullin, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mullin declared it was a much more risky position that we had been five years earlier in the event of Kim potentially firing off the nuclear weapon.

I'm old enough to recall when Democrats slammed President Donald Trump for meeting with Kim Jong Un. The Biden Administration seems to be asking for a meeting and Kim doesn't give them a chance to speak. What's that saying? Trump seemed to have brought Kim's ambitions back onto his feet at least for a while. But the new missiles indicate that Kim believes he is able to test Biden. The same response was seen from Putin. Peace is a result of strength and weakness causes huge issues. When you have Biden as the one in “charge,” unfortunately we could see a lot more of this.

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