Kamala Cackles Her Way Through Event

Kamala Harris was at the LBJ Library in Austin on Saturday. It would be reasonable to assume that given that the library was located in Texas there was a chance she was contemplating a trip over the Texas border. However, that's not the case, as per reports. She's blown in to speak on abortion issues at the Library before heading off to solicit donations at a fundraising event. Priorities. Kamala's priorities don't involve taking any action at all regarding the border.

Harris was on top style in her speech.One could wonder whether she was drunk, but it was just like numerous other presentations by Harris. This means that either she's high every day or this is her usual condition of being. We're all pitiful. She was discussing the filibuster, and as always she treats the audience as if they were five when she talks to them.

“So there's this thing in the United States Senate called filibuster,” Harris stated. “It's a library where we talk about things like facts,” Harris said. “And, it has been used over the years, in a way that I think many of us would agree, it has been used to obstruct progress.”

The reason for the filibuster is giving an opportunity for minority opinions. Democrats are determined to end the filibuster as Republicans are currently in the minority. If the Democrats are able to eliminate it, they think they'll push through their radical policies and stifle the Republicans. However, they're focused at the moment on the issue at hand, the issue that they're not able to be thinking about what will happen following November, in the event that they are defeated by the Senate and become the minority party.

Kamala says it was employed in order to “obstruct progress.” Was this what the Democrats did in the year 2020, when they were in the minority and used the filibuster three times?

The Democrats are just so absurd on this, making it seem like this filibuster was somehow racist when they've used it often in the past and Joe Biden has defended it for many years. It seems like they're blaming themselves and based on their own judgment they're claiming to be racist.

However, Senate Majority Speaker Chuck Schumer resigned from the contest and said that the filibuster's removal had to do with Democrats trying to keep the power they have.

The filibuster was not the only thing that Harris was distracted by at the time. She was also distracted by her obsession with Venn diagrams yet again. She talks about them like a 5-year-old. She is certainly intrigued by them.

“Let me just say I love Venn diagrams,” Harris said, cackling in a raucous way. “I am a huge fan of Venn diagrams. The circles, you know? Three usually.” She does not go further than that to explain them, and I'm not sure she's got the idea of the significance of them.

However, she doesn't just enjoy discussing them; it seems to be a scripted aspect of the routine. Watch this clip from a few days ago, which is basically word for word in cackle-for-cackle exactly the same as what she did on Saturday. It appears that she is using a teleprompter while she speaks.

Dan Quayle got mocked incessantly for misspelling a single word. However, this is the woman we have at the office right now.

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