Lauren Boebert Trolls the Left

The story was widely covered by conservative news media. However, most liberal media didn't notice. That means that the majority of people from the left who only watch MSNBC were unaware of the incident. They're unaware of the majority of Biden's gaffes and incoherence because it's not covered in the news they consume. This means that they're ignorant of the truth and how awful Joe Biden has gotten.

At the event, Biden said “Two words: Made in America”.

To which Boebert replied on twitter, “Two words: Let’s Go Brandon”. 

Did anyone bite? Oh, yeah. She caught a lot of fish.

She was able to get her Mr. Sulu, who is frequently on Twitter to defend Biden as well as the narrative of liberals.

This is the ex- National Finance Chair of “Draft Biden,” John Cooper. No wonder Joe Biden can't count.

Despite Cooper and Takei both being posting on Twitter, they didn't seem to have any clue.

What are the educational, coherent, as well as honesty requirements for the most prestigious post in the world? If there had been any, Joe Biden would never have been able to get into office.

What is it that it says about the people of the left that seem extremely ignorant of their man yet are so sure they're right about those from the right like Boebert? This is the response of liberals all wrapped up into one. What was it Ronald Reagan used to say about Democrats? He once stated, “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.” They all accused Boebert as being a moron and stupid and yet they would make excuses for Biden who was the one who did it. When they realized that it was Biden then they shut down. What do they gain from this? It's unlikely. This is the reason why many are in an inflated state regarding Biden.

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