Liberals Give Unhinged Hot-take on Casey DeSantis

You may think we have reached the edge of the conspiracy theories from the left. If you've ever read the leftist Twitter, you're aware of how crazy it can get. It is also interesting that there are significant portions of them pushing to dig up Ivana Trump because they believe president Donald Trump buried top secret documents inside her coffin (yes it is true that there exist the blue-check Democrats or influencers who advocate this) illustrates how naive they are.

While they're definitely off the mark regarding Trump, they are getting equally out of sorts in the case of Ron DeSantis and, by extension, his wife, Casey.

Are they really that desperate? Writer Tara Dublin even wrote a story about the way Casey DeSantis was right out of “The Handmaid's Tale” because…wait for it…she dressed in a green gown.

The story of the origins of the novel The Handmaid's Tale (SPOILER ALERT) is that of the religiously crazy people who massacred the entire Congress and then imprinted their cult Biblical rules upon everyone else. Every person in Gilead is given a title or a specific job, and a uniform in monochrome to distinguish them from the world. The Handmaids wear those striking red, nun-like outfits. The Commandants are dressed in uniforms. They also wear dresses in different restrictive designs in a horrible green hue. 

As Tara Dublin writes: 

“Casey seems to want an all-white world and aspires to supervise from our White House as First Lady Macbeth-lite.”

As our friends from Twitchy observe, Dublin is known for inventing the hashtag #HottieAvenatti which means there are issues there even before the absurd approach to DeSantis. I'm guessing she's got the wrong idea of the person who's “thirsty” in this equation.

Dublin wasn't the only one that made a turn by this route; there were many after they began.

If they think Ron DeSantis is a fascist, they aren't honest people.

Casey DeSantis' dress wasn't not even the same dress, or even the same color, but why not have an exact analogy when they were both getting a little too extreme in the first place?

The right-wingers were having fun mocking the delusion.

It's quite sad that they are spending the entire day spinning yarns, similar to how they spend their time watching Trump living within their head. It's a depressing existence. Casey DeSantis, who seems to be in a great relationship with her husband and children, is enjoying her most enjoyable life.

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