Local Bakery Reveals How Much Trouble We Are In

We’ve discussed the crushing burden of inflation and the fact that prices are hitting 40-year highs. In the last few years, we've probably covered a lot of articles and released various numbers about the subject.

It's hard to put it in the spotlight as clearly as the impact it has on everyone of us each time we go to the supermarket to purchase food items and find that the prices continue to go up for essential items.

A local bakery may be forced to explain to its customers the reason they were increasing prices, by revealing the extent to which their expenses have increased from the beginning of January in 2021 (when Joe Biden came in). It's the Wall Street Silver account that has published a number of interesting facts regarding inflation and has posted the bakery's whiteboard explaining and it's quite jarring when you consider how much it's grown.

As many have noted, the prices aren't only increasing by 8.3 percent — the most recent inflation figure announced. In certain instances, the cost is more than twice what they paid prior to the time that Biden took office. If you take a look and see that inflation continues to climb, you'll know that this isn't an acceptable situation when prices increase this high.

Our friends at Twitchy have posted this U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics graph showing how far the bakery goods have gone up -the orange line is the amount it's increased in the last year. You can see the enormous jump.

This is only for bakery products, and not just the other costs that will likely also be increasing. Of course you can apply this to virtually every business, and you're all dealing with this right now because of Biden.

But Joe Biden is saying that inflation has only increased by one “inch” and “hardly at all.” Perhaps if an inch is a mile in Biden-speak.

If you were to ask Joe Biden about this bakery, he'd probably blame the bakery, and then say that they're trying to charge customers a lot of money and ask them to reduce their costs, even though they're barely staying above the water.

Wall Street Silver called that out and criticized Biden's sloppy method of addressing the issue.

Businesses and more people are required to do this, in order to make it clear that they are not Joe Biden and the Democrats and to put an end to their terrible policies and lower the rate of inflation. Since if they continue as it is, both business and individuals are likely to be in trouble.

Biden likes to talk about the long lines that waited to get food in the epidemic. However, that was only for a short period, in certain areas, as mostly Democrats who closed up the entire economy. The long lines to get food are now back due to Biden's policies. Biden is always boasting about his support for middle-class people. Yet, he's placing people in poverty through his actions.

All of this is about Joe Biden and the Democrats. Voting for them is a vote in favor of more of the same.

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