Paypal Shows its True Colors

PayPal created quite a stir this weekend when reports emerged that it could soon be charging users as high as $2,500 for taking part in the spreading of “misinformation.” Reaction online was swift and savage as many users announced on social media that they were closing their accounts.

The news broke on Saturday evening that PayPal had changed its mind. A spokesperson for the company stated it was because its “acceptable use policy” notice “went out in error” and “included incorrect information,” insisting that “PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy.”

This raises the question: how does “language [that] was never intended to be inserted in [their] policy” but find its way… into their policies? It certainly didn't come from the air. Someone had a good enough concept to create the language. Another sign of the troubling tendencies that are prevalent in corporate America regarding restricting speech as well as “wrongthink.”

For many, this change occurred a day later and was a dollar less. They're yet to shut down their accounts. If you're contemplating Venmo as an alternative to PayPal, here’s a warning to the wise — PayPal is the owner of Venmo.

There is no word on when PayPal will be penalizing itself because of its “misinformation” that “went out in error.”

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