Crazed Woman Destroys Ashli Babbitt Memorial

A memorial erected at the Capitol steps to commemorate Ashli Babbitt's death was destroyed by a person known as Brianne Chapman, on Monday. Babbitt was shot dead by a Capitol Police officer on January 6th, even though she was not armed. The mourners had placed flowers around the barricades.

Chapman, who is the deranged individual, decided to take the whole thing down with hilariously poor kicks. Who could have imagined that someone who describes themselves as “Anarchy Princess” would be unstable?

Watch the entire video where you'll see her sarcastic mannerisms as well as the mind-numbing confidence that pours from Chapman when she performs an over two hours of performance-by-play of her show. It's true that stability isn't something she has.

It was not surprising that the Capitol Police present at the time did nothing. Instead, they sat there while a woman made her way onto the Capitol steps that they were supposed to defend and destroyed an honorary memorial. I'm not sure that would be the reaction if another victim was in the mix.

So who's Chapman? She's an apparently bad mother and a liar. Her mugshot resembles that of a typical Antifa agent. If Tayler Hansen, the reporter who reported on the story, contacted Chapman for a comment, Chapman responded in a manner that perfectly matched her character.

Chapman has no positive traits, but she's not the only one. The left-wing has taken an approach of not just disliking their political foes but also wanting them physically destroyed. Does it seem like Keith Olbermann, for instance, would put all Republicans in a gulag, if he could? Heck even the president of the United States has suggested that his opponents are like fascists and suggested that they must be eliminated.

Even though Chapman is an insane person, she's one among many. And those who are right should not forget that. In times like these, it can make us wonder if the country will be able to survive long-term. If you've got one side which is so full of hatred that they'll smolder an honorary memorial of a deceased woman, what kind of lines are there? It's all about what they think the left has the right to go forward.

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