J.D. Vance Silences Dissenters During Debate

One of the most intriguing senatorial races in the campaign is happening within Ohio with Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan, with both participating in a debate Monday night. To summarize, there were punches thrown.

It's true that on paper Ohio appears to be a red-hot state. However, in the past few months, an argument has been constructed that Ryan is the only candidate capable of beating Vance. There's been no empirical evidence to support that, other than an internal poll that isn't entirely reliable, however the impression persists. Ryan is considered to be a “moderate” despite being a rubber stamp for the Democrat agenda. He's also been trying to make himself appear unconnected from the larger party he's a part of.

Vance was prepared to expose the truth when they got on the debate stage.

For instance  when Ryan attempted to portray Vance in a negative light as “extreme” on abortion, making use of the story of a child that was impregnated, this occurred:

Vance says he supports an exception for incest and rape and tries to dispel Ryan's accusations right from the beginning. Then, he takes it a step further, pointing out that the person who raped the young girl is an illegal immigrant who was in the country due to the border policies Ryan and his party are in favor of.

In addition, Ryan is the extremist in this particular equation regarding abortion. Ryan voted in favor of his party's legislation which aims to “codify” Roe v. Wade that would have a federal abortion right until the time of birth. This is a frequent theme in the case of Ryan. While claiming that he's an independent, Ryan has voted in the same direction as Joe Biden 100 percent of the time.

Vance attacked the issue of border crossings once more when he spoke about fentanyl, accusing Ryan of not doing anything during his entire tenure in office (true) and being taken over by pharmaceutical companies.

The issue of fatal overdoses is a major focus of Vance's campaign and you can tell that the campaign was prepared for the problem. Ryan tried to smack Vance for his charitable work, but it was not successful. It's because Ryan as a Democrat cannot escape his track record. He's been taking taxpayer money in Washington for over two decades and is far from the character he attempts to portray. Ryan is your typical liberal Democrat who is never prepared to confront his own party's insanity.

In the course of the evening, for each topic, Vance had a counter and proved that he was well-prepared. In a similar jaw-breaking answer, Vance cited his military service and compared it to Ryan's lack of achievements in the realm of government.

It was a night that dispelled the doubters who claimed that Vance isn't the best candidate. He's a well-spoken man and is well-versed in the political landscape and is able to remain on the right track. He's going to be a great senator. On the other hand Ryan's political campaign is a sham, and this debate proved the fact that. Ryan hides behind carefully-crafted commercials and amiable interviews but his record is what it is. We hope Ohioans acknowledge that and give the state a devastating victory in November.

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