January 6 Committee Admits Defeat

The Jan. 6 Committee was able to achieve two major objectives that do not have anything to do with the riot, or justice, or “threats to democracy.”

The goal has always been to harm the presidency of Donald Trump so that he cannot run again and win as well as to damage the Republicans prospects in the midterm elections.

If you see the issue through this lens and you can see that they're mostly acknowledging defeat in one of their important goals in their latest move.

The Chair of the committee, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MI), confirmed that they would not release an official report until after the November elections. The committee will hold the hearing this week, on the 13th of October. There hasn't been a hearing since July.

“We might release some interim information, but the final report will come after the election,” Thompson explained to Just the News. “We have a lot of information that we haven't shared with the public that wouldn't necessarily necessitate a witness.”

If they had any information they could spin to achieve their goals, they'd be attempting to drive it into the voters in their annual report. However, they're not. They only have one more meeting to go. For me, this is a sign that they've nothing to offer that they could twist into a pretzel in order to achieve their goals.

Rather than focusing her attention on the Committee, the renegade and unpopular Republican Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is spending her time in the media blaming Republicans.

However, polls continue to show Cheney as well as her Democratic co-workers haven't done enough to convince the majority of people. In fact, the date of Jan. 6 doesn't appear on the radar of political issues. That's the reason why Cheney failed, as it was the only thing she concentrated on instead of the things people were actually concerned about: the rise in crime, inflation, as well as illegal immigrants. The issues Democrats have tried to create like abortion, are all from the top of the list.

It is a clear indication of how this initiative has not succeeded. It was obvious that it would not succeed because it was a political issue right from the beginning, and Americans knew the message. Surveys have revealed that it didn't change Americans' minds about the subject. It was, at best, juicing into people in the Democratic supporter base by presenting conspiracy theories. However, they would vote for Democrats regardless. They were required to engage with independents, but they did not.

They're gone in the aftermath of the election and this also speaks volumes. This tells you precisely what they stood for. Are they more transparent with regards to their political goals?

We're witnessing, with forecasts from both the Senate as well as the House, that all of them are going to the Republicans to the extent to which they sputtered out in their futile efforts. It's sure to be entertaining during the election to watch the teeth-grinding that follows.

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