New Poll Shows Even Democrats Think Biden Is Losing it

Joe Biden has had problems from the time he entered the office. However, it appears to be getting more and more severe. Every week, practically every day, events indicate that there is an issue.

Perhaps the most telling aspect that has happened recently was Biden searching for late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) in the audience of an event and asking “Where's Jackie” when he had issued a tribute statement regarding her death one month earlier.

Biden did not even know the error in his remarks. On top of that, Biden and the White House pretended that what Biden said was not a problem.

There are a myriad of things to consider, from Biden being lost and wandering off to exaggerating his fear of a threat to nuclear Armageddon. It is impossible to imagine what might happen should he possess nuclear codes. It's alarming to know that this is the person who is in charge, interacting with world leaders.

However, it's not only people like us who are noticing it in this particular instance. According to a poll from Issues and Insights/TIPP, the percentage of Americans concerned regarding Joe Biden's psychological well-being has increased from 60 percent to 64 percent over the past two months. Almost two-thirds of Americans believe that Biden's mental health is not well. A majority of this growth comes from Democrats and they may now realize that they are not alone.

“Virtually the majority of October's gains was due to Democrats who increased from 39% to concern over Biden's mental state in August, a number that is high by itself, to 52% according to the latest survey. Let it sink in that a majority of Democrats are now thinking Biden might be suffering from problems with his mental health,” stated the study analysis.

85 percent of Republicans were concerned, whereas 59 percent of independents expressed concern.

What is the next step for Democrats?

The findings may confirm the notion that certain leaders within the Democratic Party are hopeful that Biden will retire and not seek another term, even although they don't have an obvious replacement. Vice president Kamala Harris remains down in satisfaction polls, while the top choice for many Democrats is ex-first lady Michelle Obama, who has ruled out a bid.

The study analysis suggested it might be the right time for Biden to take an examination of mental capacity similar to what the former president Donald Trump did — and was able to pass.

Most Americans and even the majority of Democrats think there's an issue. But here we are, and the Democrats who are in charge refusing to address the issue. It's entirely on Democrats who have put us in this unsustainable situation.

The cynical take is that there always was a backup plan to replace him following the midterm elections. However, as mentioned earlier, Kamala's approval is the same as his, and she's got her own issues. That's not going to make anyone happy. This is why you'll see people such as Gavin Newsom trying to position himself as an outsider. They may believe that they can persuade Joe Biden to quit instead of going through the 25th Amendment situation. But the battle for power is to come.

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